Meaning of the 7 chakras

The 7 chakra’s: what do they mean + how to open them

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During your yoga-class you probably heard your yoga teacher say which chakra will be opened in this class. Or which asana (yoga pose) helps to unblock a certain chakra. Can you feel the energy flowing?

But what are chakra’s exactly? And what is the meaning of the chakra’s? What does it mean when a chakra is blocked? And how can you unblock them? It is important to know the basics of the chakra’s, because with this knowledge you will always know how to balance yourself and how to keep yourself balanced. You will read the basics here!

Chakra’s: the energy portals of the soul

What are chakra’s and what is the meaning of the chakra’s?

Chakra’s are energy portals located on different points in your body. They are located from the lower part of your spine to the top of your head and they regulate the energy flow in your body. Chakra’s can be balanced, then you feel great. But when one or more chakra’s are out of balance, it means you have a blockage and the life energy that should be flowing freely is disturbed. These blockages will present themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Every chakra is connected to a specific part of your body. Your body and mind communicate with you when a chakra is out of balance. By finding out which chakra is connected to the physical or mental complaints you’re suffering from, you will know which chakra is blocked. You now also know what you should work on to get yourself balanced again. Chakra-blockages can be removed with the different yoga asana’s (yoga poses), aromatherapy and stones/minerals.

There are many different chakra systems, but the system with 7 primary chakra’s is the one that is used the most, so I will use this system for this explanation about the chakra’s. I will explain for each of the chakra what it stands for, what it has an influence on, what happens when it’s blocked and which yoga poses or essential oils you can use to open it again.

The 7 chakra’s from down to up:

1e Chakra: Mooladhara

2e Chakra: Swadishthana

3e Chakra: Manipura

4e Chakra: Anahatha

5e Chakra: Vishudha

6e Chakra: Ajna

7e Chakra: Sahasrara



Meaning chakra:Mooladhara means root in Sanskrit. It is your root chakra, your basis. It represents the physical, the earth, because it is the lowest chakra. This chakra touches the earth. This chakra is developed between the 1st and 6th year of life; the forming years. For a well developed Mooladhara chakra you need to develop a direct connection to the earth. Then it will bring safety and stability, financial securtiy and certainty.
When developed:Between the 1st and 6th year of life
Essential oil mix:

A mix of spikenard, frankincense, palo santo, vetiver

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Asana’s:Standing poses
Is connected to:Pelvis, legs, muscles, bones, feet, hips, immunesystem
Balanced:Financial security, safety, grounding
Out of balance:Pelvis, hemorrhoids, sciatica, problems with the hips, knees, ankles, feet, feelings of insecurity, self-pity and irresponsible behavior.



Meaning chakra:The sacral chakra. It stands for relations, creativity, sexuality and the discovery of freedom of choice. It’s when a person learns to listen to his survival instincts and to use the 5 senses. It’s also the phase when a person learns what is his and to defend that, his territory.
Wanneer ontwikkeld:Between the 6th and 12th year of life
Essential oil mix:A mix of coriander seed, geranium, orange, jasmin

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Asana’s:Forward bends
Location:Lower belly, two finger-width above Mooladhara
Is connected to:Sexual organs, colon, kidney’s, bladder, appendix, lower part of the spine
Balanced:Sexuality, creativity, preferences, desires
Out of balance:Lower back pain, gynecological problems, PMS, infertility, prostate problems, impotence, kidney stones


Meaning chakra:Is also called solar plexus. It is the stage of life where a person learn to stand up for himself, to put yourself first. You learn to take control of your own life and you will discover the ability to transform (from weak to strong, unhappy to happy, etc.)
When developed:Between the 12th and 16th year of life
Essential oil:Mix of black pepper, cardamom, davana, grapefruit

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Connected to:Stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, small intestine, middle part of the spine
Balanced:Self-esteem, willpower, move forward in life
Uit balans:Difficulties taking decisions, nervous in groups, diabetes, earting disorders, hepatitis, constipation, diarrhea, selfdestructive behavior, intolereance


Meaning chakra:Heart chakra. It represents stability and harmony in life. Realizing there’s a whole universe out there, seeing the bigger picture en the ability to love unconditionally.
When developed:Between the 16th and 21nd year of life
Essential oil:A mix of grapefruit, rhododendron, bergamot, rose

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Asana’s:Back bends
Connected to:Heart, blood circulation, ribs, chest, lungs, shoulders, arms, upper part of the spine
Balanced:Compassion, sharing, unconditional love
Out of balance:Depression, over-emotional, disappointment, high blood pressure, heart diseases, asthma, breast cancer, shoulder problems


Meaning chakra:Throat chakra. Learn to speak for yourself, but also learn when to be quiet. When Vishudha is opened you know how to express yourself.
When developed:Between the 21st and 26th year of life
Essential oil:Mix of ho wood, lavender, peppermint, blue tansy

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Connected to:Larynx, thyroid, throat, neck, mouth, teeth
Out of balance:Agression, difficulty to speak, sore throat, cold, gum infections, tooth problems, stiff neck, thyroid problems


Meaning chakra:Third eye chakra, this is the chakra where wisdom is developed, you know how to deal with different situations with calmness, the senses are strongly developed: hypersensitivity. This chakra brings healing energy and sometimes clairvoyance.
When developed:Between the 26th and 33d year of life
Essential oil:A mix of grapefruit, clary sage, sandalwood, spruce

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Location:Between the eyes
Connected to:Brains, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, pineal gland, sight
Balanced:Full self-realisation, intuition, wisdom
Out of balance:Headache, insomnia


Meaning chakra:Crown chakra, the opening to the spiritual. When this chakra is opened you’re selfless, you don’t ‘need’ anything anymore and you are able to stay in the Now at all times.
When developed:After the 33th year of life
Essential oil:Mix of frankincense, sweet orange, petitgrain, neroli

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Location:Top of the head
Connected to:Upper part of the brain, skeleton, muscles, skin
Balanced:Open-mindedess, wisdom, knowledge
Out of balance:Chronic fatigue, skin problems

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