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What are essential oils and where to buy high-quality oils

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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from benifical plants. They are obtained through distillation or by cold pressing. This results in aromotic compounds that give each essential oil its characteristic fragrance.  However, only the oils obtained through distillation are considered to be the ‘real essential oils’. Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy and they are believed to have healing effects, open our chakra’s and to support our overall well-being.

How do you use essential oils?

You can use essential oils in several ways.

  • Inhale them directly out of the bottle
  • Steam them with a bowl of water
  • With a diffuser or humidifier
  • Dilute them with a carrier oil to apply them to your skin
  • Add a few drops with a carrier oil in your bath water
  • Use them with a carrier oil for massages
  • Add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner
  • A few drops on your pillow case for a good night of sleep
  • Add them to foods for extra flavor

Not every essential oil is suited for all purpose mentioned above. Always check on the label how to use them properly.

How to choose good quality essential oils?

  • When you purchase essential oil in a store, please remember you are not testing perfume. Directly applying the undiluted oil to your skin might cause allergic reactions. And don’t hold the bottle too close when you want to smell the oil.
  • If a company sells all their oils for the same price, this is a red flag. The process of extracting the oils, isn’t the same for each plant. The price should be based on the amount of raw material is needed to produce is. Which results in different costs and prices. When the essential oils are prices the same, they’re probably either synthetic or of low quality.
  • Choose oils from companies that list the botanical name, the country of origin, distillation date on the label.
  • Buy only oils that are sold in dark glass bottles. Clear glass can spoil the oil.
  • Good quality oils are never the cheapest oils on the market. Don’t buy it if the price seems to be good to be true.
  • Buy essential oils from specialized companies.
  • Quality oils are tested for the gas chromatography and mass spectrometry tests GC/MS. Check of the seller provides batch-specific reports on their website.
  • Look for organic oils. Pollutants on plants can be more concentrated in the essential oil.
  • Check if the oil only contains compounds of the plant, and are not diluted with synthetic additives
  • Purchase from a brand with a good reputation.

Quality brands for essential oils

Below my top 4 of brands for essential oils. I listed them here because they are reputable and honest brands. All of their oils are well-tested and they work with the best, sustainable companies all over the world. I chose a few more expensive and a few cheaper brands, so there are options for every budget. 


Plant Therapy

  • Each oil undergoes testing by third parties.
  • All test results are available on Plant Therapy’s website.
  • They have organic-only oils, but not all their oils are organic. Look for the USDA-Certified organic oils. They have more affordable products, those are not the high-quality oils. 
  • 100% pure products.

Eden’s Garden

  • Each oil undergoes GC/MS testing by third parties.
  • Their plants come from their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally). 
  • All oils are 100% pure. 
  • They don’t add any bases, carriers, parafins or additives.
  • Their oils are free of pesticides, GMO’s, fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Their oils are organic as far as possible. 
  • The product’s are animal-cruelty free.

Plant Guru

  • All oils go through third party GC/MS testing.
  • All oils are 100%.
  • No chemicals, pesticides or GMO’s are added.
  • All their essential oils are manufactured from sustainable sources. 
  • They are a small family business.
  • They believe essential oils should be affordable so everyone can enjoy the healing power of their oils. This is why they are cheaper compared to other reputable brands on the market. 


Below I listed the most popular essential oils for you with a small explanation about the benefits of each oils, precautions / side effects, recommendations to blend the oils with, my personal recommendation and the aroma. Still don’t know which essential oil to choose? Then read this amazing blog with the 10 best smelling essential oils for more information! 

Essential oils and their benefits

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