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In a previous blog about the Law of Attraction I already mentioned once, that the teachings of the Kabbalah really helped me in my search for answers. Answers to life questions that I hadn’t been able to figure out for years. Questions I carried around with me as long as I can remember. A feeling that life must have more meaning than being just an accumulation of physical coincidences.

I see beauty in all religions, but at the same time religions oftentimes also left me with contradicting information that brought up more questions instead of answering them. Rules that didn’t make sense to me at all. A God that wants to punish his own creation when it doesn’t do what he (maybe) wants…

According to the teachings of the Kabbalah everyone is here for a reason

I believe we are all here for a good reason. In my opinion it’s impossible that if there would be a God, he would create to punish. And it’s impossible to me that God can be insulted by the things we humans do or say. God (or the Creator, the Light, the Universe, the Divine) can only be unconditional love and give love. I always felt that the Bible/Torah are holy books indeed, I just didn’t get the way they are mostly interpreted.

I always felt like we are here with a cause. Every human being, every living being. That everything is connected in some way and that reality might not be what it seems. When I discovered the teachings of the Kabbalah, I finally found the knowledge that teaches what I was already thinking. So, I was finally able to learn more about it and to connect the dots. It really makes sense to me!

What is Kabbalah and what is it not?

Kabbalah caught my attention years ago. The first book I read about it, didn’t give any clarity, just confusion (to make this easier for you I made a list with recommendations of the best Kabbalah books below this blog). So eventually I signed up for a course. Something that I used to be quite hesitant about, because.. money!? Spending money on a course like this, is mostly seen as spending money on a cult. So it took me some time to get over that and to just take the risk to see if it was going to be worth it.

At the end of this course many pieces of the puzzle fell into place and the money was well spent! It was really worth it. In the end money is just energy and we shouldn’t take money so seriously to begin with. But I wasn’t aware of that back then.. 😉

First of all I would like to make clear that Kabbalah is not a religion or a cult. It’s just knowledge. Nothing more, nothing less. I attended the course, I’ve been active in the community for a little while and later I put it on the back burner. And all of this was okay. Because, one of the philosophies of Kabbalah is that everything everyone does is okay. Because they believe that everyone is following their own path.

Some of the main points that make the teachings of the Kabbalah so interesting to me are:

  • Again, it is not a religion or a cult. It is the wisdom of life;
  • The Holy scriptures are interpreted symbolically, which makes much more sense to me compared to taking these texts literally;
  • Everything in life happens for a reason;
  • Reality is an illusion;
  • Accepting others and sharing with others are conditions to find happiness within yourself;
  • You control your own life;
  • There is no punishment, we just come across situations that we are able to learn from;
  • Negative situations are labeled as something bad, but it’s just how we choose to perceive them. What are you going to make of it yourself?;
  • Satan isn’t a creepy devil, it’s just the opponent within the self. It is that voice that’s trying to make you chose the easy, fast choice, instead of the more difficult, slow, confronting choice, that will give you long-term fulfillment. This opponent is necessary to help you move forward, instead of making your life miserable.

It’s all about perception.

For a long time I felt like a victim of life. I believed it was some kind of random gambling game in which one person happens to be lucky all the time and another person always seems to attract bad luck. Kabbalah gave me many new insights on this subject. Where an unpleasant situation used to be experienced as hell by me before, a hell that I needed to go through again, I can now look at the same situation as a new opportunity to grow and learn. To take one step higher again on the ladder of consciousness.

Yes, life can be hard sometimes. But what would life be without all the challenges that cross our paths? Who would you be if you had only experienced ‘positive’ experiences during your life?

The teachings of Kabbalah answer your questions and provides tools to handle life differently. It will be a process of self-reflection and you will learn to even appreciate your ‘enemies’ and see them as people who come to help you to learn more about yourself. It converts hate and anger into love and understanding. I am so incredibly grateful that I’ve found this knowledge and that I’m able to apply it to my life.

Protection against negative energy

I didn’t study Kabbalah for a while, but now during the last months of pregnancy, I felt attracted to it again. So, since the beginning of my pregnancy, I did wear the well-known red bracelet, though. For a lot of people this might be something commercial, but for me it really felt like it gave me some protection against bad vibes.

My teacher once explained to me that this bracelet can stick for a couple of days, weeks or even months. Depending on the amount of negative energy it needs to protect you from, you’ll lose it after a short or longer period of time. And every time, when I went through a tougher situation during pregnancy, I lost it a couple of days later. 🙂 This is my main reason now, to return to my Kabbalah studies again.

This blog is created to help others to move forward on their spiritual paths. And given the fact you are reading this blog, you might be interested in more information about this subject. That’s why I have some book suggestions for you that really helped me to understand the basics of Kabbalah. There are so many books on the market, but most of them are too complicated to start with. So to help you out, here some of the best books with the teachings of the Kabbalah that I think you should start with.

The best books with the teachings of the Kabbalah:

My recommendations are:

The Power of Kabbalah – Yehuda Berg:

This book explains the fundamentals of the teachings of the Kabbalah in a way that is very easy to read and understand.

Click here to buy The Power of Kabbalah

Kabbalah for Dummies – Arthur Kurzweil:

Click here to buy Kabbalah For Dummies

This book also talks about the history and background of Kabbalah. On the other hand it doesn’t explain so much about how to apply the fundamentals of Kabbalah to your own life. But nonetheless very interesting for the complete picture.

Satan – Yehuda Berg

This book is awesome! In a simple, casual and humorous way it explains who Satan (the opponent) exactly is. That it’s/he is nothing to be scared of, but rather something positive. An opponent that helps you to move forward in life and how to deal with this.

Click here to buy Satan – An Autobiography

And last but not least, the well-known red string bracelet. There are many different ones for sale on the internet. And they probably have the same meaning. But only for this particular one I’m sure that the string went to the tomb of Rachel, where it is given its power and energy to protect you. And maybe it’s just my superstition, but for me it seems to work!

Click here to buy the Kabbalah Red String

I hope this blog shed some light on this subject. Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love and light