Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools

Dear positive-self-manifester,

As promised I’m sharing everything on my blog that has helped me a lot when it comes to dealing with my anxiety and depression. The Law of Attraction and a positive mindset helped me a lot to cope. But if only I knew before there are motivation, depression and tools. So when I find new awesome tools that can really make a difference, I must share them with you too. I found this really amazing website with many beautiful, colorful Law of Attraction Depression and Anxiety tools that can really help you organize your mind, reflect and feel more in peace with yourself. Tools like these make me really happy. 🙂

The website I’m talking about is: Blessing Manifesting. The creative mind behind this blogsite/shop is a fellow blogster, who just like me and maybe you dealt with depression and anxiety. We are almost the same age, we are both introverted, cat-ladies and bi-racial. So I do feel a connection with her! And as it is my passion to help others on their path of positivity, spirituality and self-love, so is it her passion as well! We both found a way to step out of our negativity spiral and to really make something beautiful out of life. So, if I choose someone to write a blogpost about, it must be her!

Meet Dominee!


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In the past, I made quite some visits to therapists in all different shapes and sizes to help me to step out of my depressions and anxiety. And I really don’t want to claim that it’s not working for others, I can say for me it wasn’t the right solution to stop this negative thinking spiral. In fact, for me, the constant digging in my past – the how-sad-for-you-that-you-needed-to-go-through-all-that stuff… worked extremely counterproductive. Why? Because I believe you need to keep your focus on the things you will do today to make life look even better tomorrow instead of focussing on everything that already happened, which you can’t change anyway! Looking back, I really understand now why this didn’t bring me further in life.

Don’t get me wrong, please don’t quit your therapy sessions because of me, because there are probably a lot of people who actually really do benefit from it. And sometimes it can actually be necessary to dig in the past before you can start to make steps forward again. And combining your therapy sessions with a new positive mindset, never harmed anyone before I guess.:)

Staying focussed on the things in life I do want to attract is what did help me to move forward and grow. Instead of reminding myself about the things I didn’t want to attract again in life, I started to apply the Law of Attraction by reminding myself of the things I really wanted to attract in life. And to make it easier I use tools to keep myself on track. I use a gratefulness diary, I read my affirmations every day and I look at my vision board to keep my goals and desires within my focus. So by being proactive every day, which means I agreed with myself to day something every single day that will make my future-self happy. To keep yourself accountable Dominee’s Blessing Manifesting Law of Attraction Planner tools are the way to go. She made cute-looking, super handy, cool, downloadable and printable tools that will help you to keep on track for sure! I will mention my personal favorites below:

The best motivation, depression and anxiety tools:

Self-Love Workbook:

Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 2

A book full of suggestions to do some self-care. It includes a planner from January til December and you can stuff it it with literally anything that is concerning your personal growth. It helps you to make yourself aware of all your thoughts so you can transform to self-love. This planner is also used a lot by personal coaches by the way!

Breathe: Anxiety Workbook:

Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 3

Self-Care Planner 2020:

Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 4

Self-care: Waxing Moon Guide:

Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 5

Random Acts Of Kindness Cards:

random acts of kindness cards

So, take a look on her website and get inspired! There are many more fun tools, such as a worksheet for heartbreak, for fitness and for sobriety. And everything doesn’t just look beautiful, it’s also really affordable too! Enjoy and lots fun manifesting!



Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra. So it’s a win for everyone! Please note that I won’t link any products I don’t believe in or don’t resonate with my blog site. Thank you!

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