How affirmations work + 17x awesome affirmations for beginners

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What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is everything that we say or think repetitively. It is a sentence we use to affect our conscious and subconscious minds. For the law of attraction to work in your life, the awareness of what you are repeatedly thinking or saying is extremely important. The negative and the positive. Because you create a belief for everything you are thinking. Herein lies the power of positive affirmations for success. Because what you think is what you believe, and what you believe is going to be your reality. This is how affirmations work.

How many thoughts do we have each day?

Did you know that we think between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day? And that 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as we had yesterday? How many of those thoughts do you think are negative in some way? This may come as a shock, but experts estimate 80% of our thoughts to be negative!!

The law of attraction is all about having positive thoughts, but obviously, we can’t control so many thoughts every day. For most of them, we don’t even realize we’re thinking them. So, if we have so many negative thoughts and we want the law of attraction to work for us, you really have to start adding more deliberate positive thoughts to keep on attracting the things that you do want, instead of the things you do not want in your life. Using the power of positive affirmations is the way to create some new thought patterns and beliefs in your mind.

A believe is only a thought that I keep thinking”

Esther Hicks in Money and the Law of Attraction

We all know the expression: ‘you sow what you reap’ and this is exactly how affirmations work. With our thoughts, we put seeds in the ground day in and day out. The more we water those seeds, the better these thoughts that you’ve planted will grow and will become your reality. If you want to plant a positive outcome in your reality, you will not receive that by planting and watering negative seeds.

How affirmations work: the mind is like a computer and it needs updates!

Your subconscious mind works like a computer. There is software installed on your computer: a program with your past experiences, one with your belief-systems, one that tells you what you are capable of and of what you believe you are not capable of doing/becoming, one that tells you how to behave in any situation, one with your patterns. A lot of this software is old and is not serving you at all. It is based on the knowledge and technology that was available in your world years ago but needs some serious updating for this computer to work well. This outdated software is just repetitively planting and watering negative seeds into your system.

So in order to help our subconscious to water the seeds we want to grow, we need to re-program ourselves by deliberately installing updated software and uninstalling the outdated programs in our subconscious minds.

How affirmations work for me

What works best for me is to collect powerful positive affirmations on Pinterest with thoughts that I want to be true for my life. Create your own (private) Affirmation bord and pin those affirmations to it. Now you have your daily affirmations together in one place and all you need to is to take a couple of minutes to go through them daily. I read them every morning when I wake up when I’m drinking my morning tea or coffee. It’s important to try read them with full awareness so your brain really understands what you want it to believe. And feel that what you’re reading is already in your life right now, even if it’s not true yet.

Focus on how you want it to be, try to feel how you would feel the moment this thought entered your reality, so you will install this new thought as new software into your mind. And then at one moment, your brain will start to use this affirmation by itself, your subconscious will start to use it. And then, when this became your new belief, it will show up in your reality. This is when the law of attraction starts to work. You will first start to see the signals, which I always believe are telling me… ‘have a little patience and have trust, because what you want is on its way’!

Have fun and be creative with your affirmations

If you aren’t a native English speaker and you’ve mostly found affirmations you like in English, you could use a Quote Creator application to translate them, save them on your phone and then upload them to your Pinterest board. You can also write them by yourself in your native language. For me affirmations feel way more powerful when I read them in my native language, because I think it’s easier for my brain to comprehend what I’m making it to believe.

And even more so, when I write the affirmations myself because then it’s a thought that I already thought before myself. This will feel much better compared to borrowing it from someone else’s mind. 🙂 So start writing these powerful positive affirmations that will help you to manifest your personal desires!

Don’t fight the old, focus on the new

It’s not necessary to try to control your negative thoughts or to feel bad about them. It’s natural you are thinking negative thoughts every day. Instead of focussing on blocking the negative, set your focus on installing these positive affirming thoughts. Because 1 positive thought is way more powerful than 100 negative ones. And focussing on what you do not want, will, of course, attract more of what is not wanted.

Every night before going to bed you can think or say your affirmations again. It personally also helps me to – before I close my eyes for a good night sleep – read a chapter from books that are about the law of attraction. Consequently, the explanations the author gives you on the subject will result in a permanent change of your belief-system bit by bit. Also, reading a bit daily will help you stay to aware and aligned. It’s really about perseverance and allowing yourself to spend at least 30 minutes of your day on your positive thoughts.

Get inspired

One of the best books to help you to set positive thoughts is the book You can heal your life by Louise Hay. She gives many examples of powerful positive affirmations in here that you can use and she explains very clearly how affirmations work. She really helped to improve my life.

Examples of positive affirmations

  • Positive abundance follows me everywhere
  • Money is always coming my way
  • I am grateful
  • I am happy
  • Everything I do turns into a success
  • I attract only good things into my life
  • I am now attracting health into my life
  • I only attract loving people into my life
  • I deserve the best and I accept it now
  • I have $…. on my bank account
  • I can afford anything I desire
  • All is well in my world
  • Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time
  • I trust the process
  • I love my job and I am well paid for it
  • I am married to the love of my life
  • I love and accept myself

Thank you for reading my blog and please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Lots of positive thoughts, love and light


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