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Abraham Hicks: Esther Hicks’ source energy

The books of Abraham Hicks, written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, play a big role in the lives all the Law of Attraction lovers I know. But who is Abraham Hicks? And what are Abraham’s books about?

Abraham Hicks is the source energy that is channeled through Esther Hicks. I’m actually not really into stuff like ‘channeling’, because I’m still not sure if I should believe in it. Or at least, I don’t believe most people that claim to be psychic or able to do stuff like this. 🙂 Abraham Hicks’ books are written by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks. Their books are based on the information Esther received by channeling Abraham.

And I have to admit: these books really answered a lot of life questions. I’m talking about life questions that I had for many years. A lot of things started to make more sense, finally. So, in spite of my skepticism about channeling, Esther and Jerry Hicks convinced me that the channeling of Abraham Hicks must be a real thing.

Esther and Jerry Hicks ask, Abraham answers

All the books have the same layout: Jerry asks Abraham a question; Abraham replies(via Esther). The answers are very clear, but I advise you to read them a few times to really understand what is being said. When you’re really able to comprehend what Esther and Jerry Hicks trying to teach you, this knowledge can have an immensely positive impact on your life.

In the books Abraham explains how the Law of Attraction exactly works, what it means to be in the Vortex and how you can manifest money. According to the Law of Attraction, you attract everything in your own life; the positive and the negative stuff. What you focus on, will become your reality. In Abraham Hicks’ books, this is thoroughly described. Jerry presents any situation you might be questioning about the Law of Attraction and asks questions about it. The books are exactly what you need to get a deeper understanding of this law.

Why is there still misery in the world if the LOA really works?

When you’re studying the Law of Attraction, you’ll come to the point where you start to wonder: okay, this Law of Attraction sounds great, but if it was so easy, then why do people have diseases? Why do we have wars on this planet? Why are people living in poverty? And it’s good when you have these questions. You are completely right about this. Why are you allowed to manifest all your desires, while others in the world live in misery, right?

I think Abraham Hicks answers these questions very well. He explains what you can do about it, how to look at it and what it means. You can and should apply the Law of Attraction for big causes as well. Help to create a better world.

Source energy: the eternal consciousness

In the first paragraph, I talked about Abraham Hicks being Esthers’ source energy. Source energy is the energy that’s everywhere, in everything, in everyone. According to Abraham Hicks it is the physical and the non-physical (eternal consciousness).

Everything is made out of source energy; you are source energy, but your obnoxious neighbor is part of this source energy as well. He might not look like it, but believe me, he is 😉 We’re all connected because we’re all part of that same energy. Which means again, that we need each other and we need to work with each other, we need to treat each other right. We are a collective consciousness and everything that we do this collective consciousness too. We are all co-creators of this world, so you have this power too.

That’s why it’s extremely important to be aware all the time of your actions. Your good actions will uplift the world with more positive energy and your negative actions will bring a bit more negativity. It doesn’t just effect yourself and your surroundings. We all shape source energy and the more positivity you bring, the better the world will become.

Source energy helps you to attract what you want in life. It’s the energy that transforms your thoughts and feelings into reality. It’s the power that turns your desires into manifestations. Or your fears… Source energy is the essence and we can learn to control it. Esther Hicks is quite skilled in connecting to her source energy and she wants to help us to experience the same: a life full of unlimited happiness. I’m not there yet by far, but thanks tot Esther and Jerry Hicks, I understand the power of my source energy better every day.

Abraham Hicks and the Vortex

In the book The Vortex Esther and Jerry Hicks explain how you can get into alignment with your source and how to stay there. That’s what the Vortex means; being in alignment with your Source. When you’re in the Vortex, you are one with your inner-self, you feel great and you know that everything is perfect the way it is. You’ve probably experienced some of these moments yourself already. Moments that you feel everything needs to be the way it is. Moments that you live in absolute certainty. You feel grateful for everything you have in life, even – or especially – for the small things.

You’re also in the Vortex when you get new inspiration, when your desires suddenly become reality and when you see miracles happening in your life. It’s when you experience synchronicity with the world around you. This happens a lot to me with numbers that keep showing up, or something I thought about before shows up on my path in a very unexpected way. When I experience moments like these, I know to trust the process of life and that I’m heading in the right direction.

If you are out of the Vortex you feel negative emotions such as stress, anger, depression, etc. Every negative emotion is signal that is trying to show you’re not in alignment with yourself. Your negative emotions are essentially your guide, they show you what you need to work on. According to Abraham Hicks we’re supposed to experience unlimited happiness at all times. Feeling always happy is possible, we just need to change our mindset.

Abraham Hicks’ books are definitely worth reading. Actually, they are priceless. The lessons I’ve learned from Esther and Jerry Hicks will be a part of me for the rest of my life. I read a little bit in their books every day to help me stay aware in daily life. Thanks to these books it becomes easier every day for me to live my life according to the laws of the Law of Attraction and to spend more time within the Vortex. Concluding: I really, really, really recommend these books to everyone who wants to learn more about the Law of Attraction. Hopefully you’ll connect with your source energy too!

You can buy Abraham Hicks’ books here

Have fun reading!