5x Beautifully Designed & Inspiring Affirmation Decks

Best affirmation card decks 2020

The power of positive affirmations

By setting the right intention every morning for the rest of your day, you can direct the course of your day in a positive direction. You can do this with the help of deliberate affirming positive thoughts. These affirmations are a positive reminder to stay positive throughout the day, no matter what is going on at this moment in your life. Affirmations help to stop the negative self-talk and remind you of the truth of life. They keep you out of the illusion of this physical reality we get caught up in so easily.

Affirmations are like magic to me. When I read them daily, I immediately feel a shift in my mood, in the things I attract, in my relationships and financially. The opposite also happens when I forget to read them and the negative thoughts feel free to take over again. This is why affirmations are extremely important to me. They raise my vibration and keep me positive. They bring hope and faith, that no matter what’s coming for you, you’ll be okay. They remind you of your inner strength, to trust your inner self and of the fact that everything that’s crossing your path today is nothing more than a new challenge that will help you grow.

What are Affirmation Cards for?

Affirmation cards also come with affirmations. The difference with just using affirmations and affirmation cards is that they can help you to answer your life questions. Each card has its own positive message for you. And by pulling a card every day, every week, month, year or actually, whenever you want, you can set your mind in a positive direction and get out of your thought patterns. Each message is meant to give you a new perspective on a certain situation in your life. Affirmation cards are a tool to practice self-care and to develop more gratitude for your life and for yourself.

You can use them to talk to when there is no one around and you need some good advise. A good set of affirmation cards is a good friend, that gives you positive advise whenever you need it. This is a friend that will never bring you down, but always chooses to be loving, understanding and to lift you up. A friend that shows you there is a silver lining in every situation. Just ask your question and the deck will help you to find the right answer.

Which affirmation deck should I choose?

There are tons of different affirmation decks available nowadays. They come in so many designs, shapes and with different affirmations and messages. Chosing the right affirmation deck is a very personal thing to do. You might need different affirmations, messages or artwork to still your mind with and fit your needs best than me. But either way, I’d like to share the sets with you that in my opinion come with great, bright designs and valuable affirmations, that I believe will be valuable for most of you.

How to use Affirmation Cards?

You can use them according to your needs. They don’t come with hard rules. Just ask a question, pull a card and see what message the Universe is giving you to work with today. Tip: Memorize the affirmation to repeat it to yourself throughout the day. You may pick a card as often as needed; once a day, once a week, once a month, or a couple of times a day, a few cards at the same time if you need more advise. And you can of course also use them to give advise to a friend or family member in need.

5 Beautiful Card Decks I recommend

I put together a list of the most beautifully illustrated decks I could find with the messages that I think will resonate with most of you. They’re all focussed on keeping a positive mindset and to see things from a new uplifting perspective. The decks that I chose raise your vibration and help you to get or stay in alignment with your source energy and the universe and are designed to brighten up your day. All of them deserve to be credited as the best Affirmation decks available today. So, here they come:

Super Attractor: A 52-Card Deck by Gabby Bernstein

5x Beautifully Designed & Inspiring Affirmation Decks 15x Beautifully Designed & Inspiring Affirmation Decks 2

This set of 52 affirmation cards is written by the amazing Gabby Bernstein. She is one of my inpsirations, one of my greatest teachers that taught me so much about the law of attraction, manifesting and the importance of each of us in this world and how we are all connected. She is a bestselling author and together with this affirmation deck she recently published her new book Super Attractor.

The cards are made to inspire you to live a life filled with joy and start manifesting your dreams into reality. Each of the cards comes with a mantra to support and guide you. Pick a card and the Universe will answer.This deck connects you to the Universe and helps to live in alignment with your source energy.

How to Love Yourself Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations by Louise Hay

5x Beautifully Designed & Inspiring Affirmation Decks 35x Beautifully Designed & Inspiring Affirmation Decks 4

This deck is authored by Louise Hay: the queen of affirmations. She is the author of one of my favorite books: You can heal your life. A book that changed my outlook on life completely in the most positive way. If there is any Affirmation deck that’s a must-have for every manifestor, than it’s Louise Hay’s deck, because manifesting and affirming starts with her. There are more affirmation decks by Louise Hay, but this one also comes with a beautiful, calm design.

This deck of 64 powerful affirmations and uplifting messages help you remember that you are safe and you are whole. Each card invites you to look within and become aware of the beautiful treasure that you are.

Lamare Affirmation Cards – 40-Piece Colorful Daily Positive Affirmations Set

5x Beautifully Designed & Inspiring Affirmation Decks 55x Beautifully Designed & Inspiring Affirmation Decks 6

This 40-piece card deck comes with beautifully designed colorful cards with positive affirmations you can use daily. The cards help you to be more relaxed and to meet your full potential. Negative thoughts that are holding you back have no place anymore in your life with this deck. Which results in you being able to live your life to its fullest potential. Reprogram your thinking, change your mindset and attract positivity in your life.

Happy Life Affirmation Cards



The ‘Happy Life’ Affirmation Cards is a card deck that consist of 54 bright cards with beautiful affirmations. And they come with an awesome wooden box, to make the cards easy to display in your sight during your day. They’re designed by the Australian company Bullet Planner, who also have many other self-love, self-help tools with designs I totally adore.

“Start your day with an inspiration and a smile.”

~Bullet Planner~

LSW Mind cards

5x Beautifully Designed & Inspiring Affirmation Decks 7

Another deck that has a great design. I really love the minimalistic, bright, pastel colored design. It helps to feel calm, mindful and positive. These cards are designed to help you become more mindful of your thoughts and feelings and give you the tools needed to take back control of your happiness. They help to focus on being in the Now and. Just like the other decks you can pull a card every day and take the action stated on the card. This deck consists of 45 cards that come in 5 categories: kindness, ritual, gratitude, journal and reflection.

Hopefully I helped you on your quest to the affirmation deck that fits you best, or at least inspired you to find an affirmation deck to use in your daily life that will help you to manifest the every day life you desire.


Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools


Dear positive-self-manifester,

As promised I’m sharing everything on my blog that has helped me a lot when it comes to dealing with my anxiety and depression. The Law of Attraction and a positive mindset helped me a lot to cope. But if only I knew before there are motivation, depression and tools. So when I find new awesome tools that can really make a difference, I must share them with you too. I found this really amazing website with many beautiful, colorful Law of Attraction Depression and Anxiety tools that can really help you organize your mind, reflect and feel more in peace with yourself. Tools like these make me really happy. 🙂

The website I’m talking about is: Blessing Manifesting. The creative mind behind this blogsite/shop is a fellow blogster, who just like me and maybe you dealt with depression and anxiety. We are almost the same age, we are both introverted, cat-ladies and bi-racial. So I do feel a connection with her! And as it is my passion to help others on their path of positivity, spirituality and self-love, so is it her passion as well! We both found a way to step out of our negativity spiral and to really make something beautiful out of life. So, if I choose someone to write a blogpost about, it must be her!

Meet Dominee!


Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 8

In the past, I made quite some visits to therapists in all different shapes and sizes to help me to step out of my depressions and anxiety. And I really don’t want to claim that it’s not working for others, I can say for me it wasn’t the right solution to stop this negative thinking spiral. In fact, for me, the constant digging in my past – the how-sad-for-you-that-you-needed-to-go-through-all-that stuff… worked extremely counterproductive. Why? Because I believe you need to keep your focus on the things you will do today to make life look even better tomorrow instead of focussing on everything that already happened, which you can’t change anyway! Looking back, I really understand now why this didn’t bring me further in life.

Don’t get me wrong, please don’t quit your therapy sessions because of me, because there are probably a lot of people who actually really do benefit from it. And sometimes it can actually be necessary to dig in the past before you can start to make steps forward again. And combining your therapy sessions with a new positive mindset, never harmed anyone before I guess.:)

Staying focussed on the things in life I do want to attract is what did help me to move forward and grow. Instead of reminding myself about the things I didn’t want to attract again in life, I started to apply the Law of Attraction by reminding myself of the things I really wanted to attract in life. And to make it easier I use tools to keep myself on track. I use a gratefulness diary, I read my affirmations every day and I look at my vision board to keep my goals and desires within my focus. So by being proactive every day, which means I agreed with myself to day something every single day that will make my future-self happy. To keep yourself accountable Dominee’s Blessing Manifesting Law of Attraction Planner tools are the way to go. She made cute-looking, super handy, cool, downloadable and printable tools that will help you to keep on track for sure! I will mention my personal favorites below:

The best motivation, depression and anxiety tools:

Self-Love Workbook:

Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 9

A book full of suggestions to do some self-care. It includes a planner from January til December and you can stuff it it with literally anything that is concerning your personal growth. It helps you to make yourself aware of all your thoughts so you can transform to self-love. This planner is also used a lot by personal coaches by the way!

Breathe: Anxiety Workbook:

Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 10

Self-Care Planner 2020:

Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 11

Self-care: Waxing Moon Guide:

Blessing Manifesting: Law of Attraction Anxiety Tools 12

Random Acts Of Kindness Cards:

random acts of kindness cards

So, take a look on her website and get inspired! There are many more fun tools, such as a worksheet for heartbreak, for fitness and for sobriety. And everything doesn’t just look beautiful, it’s also really affordable too! Enjoy and lots fun manifesting!