How To Make A Digital Vision Board Of Your Wallpaper

How To Make A Digital Vision Board Of Your Android Wallpaper Slideshow - Inhale The Good Shit

 You may already know what a vision board is if you are familiar with the Law of Attraction. Maybe, you already created a vision board before. Is that the case for you? Then you can continue reading from the paragraph “how to turn the wallpaper of your Android device into a digital vision board?”

What is the Law of Attraction?

Are you new to the Law of Attraction and Vision Boards? Then please allow me to give you a short explanation about these concepts first.

So let’s start from the beginning. What is the Law of Attraction?

In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction means that you’re creating what you think. According to the Law of Attraction, you create your own reality with your thoughts. When you think positively about something, this will become your reality. If you have negative beliefs about something, this becomes your reality as well. You reap what you sow.

Do you want to attract the things you’re dreaming of? Then you must focus on the things you desire, and replace negative beliefs with positive beliefs. You can do the last by using affirmations. You can click here if you want to learn more about affirmations –> the positive power of affirmations.

What is a (Digital) Vision Board?

A vision board helps you to focus regularly and deliberately on the things you want to attract. Examples you can add to your vision board: 

  • Images of your dream destinations
  • The car you want
  • The amount of money you wish to attract
  • Your favorite affirmations
  • A picture of your dream house
  • A description of your dream partner 

You could create your vision board the old-fashioned way; by taking a piece of cardboard and cutting out pictures from magazines and gluing them to a large piece of cardboard. That’s how I used to do it. But this didn’t work very well for me. For instance, you can’t take a piece of cardboard with you everywhere you go. And when you really want to manifest, it is essential to shift your focus to your desires as much as possible. That’s why I want my vision board to be available to me at all times. 

I tried out some digital vision board apps, which was already quite an improvement. But I still needed to open the application every time to view my vision board, which ended in me forgetting about it. A significant improvement, but this was still not enough to manifest better.

How to turn the wallpaper of your Android device into a digital vision board?

And now, I have discovered something which is truly genius! There is an app that you can download to your Android device that turns your phone wallpaper into an automatic slideshow that you can use as a digital vision board!!

By the way, I have tried to figure this out for iPhone, but I haven’t been able to find a way to do this. So, if you know how to do this, I’d love to hear it from you. Please, leave a message in the comments! :))

How it works: 

  • Create a new album in the gallery of your phone. Name the album: Vision Board.
  • Collect images online of all the things that you want to see on your vision board. To do this, you can Google for images and save them directly from Google. Or, if you use Pinterest, you can create a new board where you can save all the pins with the images for your vision board. When your board is ready, you can download all the pictures to your phone from Pinterest.
  • You can now specify in the settings of the Wallpaper App this album to be the wallpaper slideshow of your phone.
  • Adjust optional settings to your liking; for example, the number of seconds each slide should be displayed on your wallpaper. For me, 10 seconds works well.
  • Tadaa! Your vision board is ready.
  • You can now opt to show it on your lock screen, on your home screen, or both.
  • If you chose to show the slideshow on your home screen, your other apps are blocking your slideshow. But if you swipe to the right, you will reach a page that’s empty that you can use to view your vision board slideshow! 

Have fun creating your vision board! I hope it will help you to manifest much better and faster!

How To Set & Maintain Boundaries By Applying the Law of Attraction

Staying positive around negative people with the law of attraction - stay positive when others are negative - Inhale The Good Shit (1)

How can you keep a positive vibration while dealing with negative people or situations? 

Going through life with a positive mindset sometimes comes with quite a few challenges in certain situations. I noticed that maintaining your own boundaries can be very difficult when you’re trying to keep a positive mindset. And I’m not the only one struggling with this. Whenever I’m talking to someone who lives a Positive Thinking lifestyle as well, keeping boundaries without ending up with a negative vibration afterward, is something we all struggle with.

Not sticking up for yourself is equal to attracting more of the same

Because, when you’ve decided you’re going to think positive, always, from now on, it also feels like you’re can’t be unfriendly or self-centered ever again. You know that you create what you think and you don’t want to create more negative feelings or situations.

But sometimes we need to be tough on others to make sure they’re not overstepping the mark. Sometimes you need to draw the line to make sure their bad energy will not be passed on to you. Not sticking up for yourself will cause you to feel more agitated over time, which then becomes the vibration you’re sending out. This results in more similar situations entering your life that match this negative vibration. Which you don’t want, of course.  

When you catch yourself complaining about someone, because this person is treating you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy, you’re actually already allowing this person to take over your positive vibes. This person triggers negative feelings to take over the positive mindset you work so hard for.

Why the real message comes from your vibration and not so much from the words of the message itself

If you already talked to this person before, but nothing changed, this means that for some reason your message wasn’t clear enough for this person to really understand how much his behavior is bothering you. This happens when the vibration you sent out while delivering your message, didn’t match with what you were saying. In fact, you didn’t ask this person to treat you differently, but you sent out to the Universe with your negative vibration, you would be delighted to receive a little more of it. 

You probably learned in life that when someone is crossing your boundaries, you should tell them their behavior is bothering you. And from now on, this person should change his behavior towards you. The thing is, he didn’t change. This person is still acting the same. You probably think, hey, this person just doesn’t want to listen to me. It’s his fault, he doesn’t want to change. This is out of my control.  

But as I said before, what if your message wasn’t receive well, because the vibrations you were sending out while sending the message are the real message here instead of the message itself? The problem lies never with the other person, it’s a bug in the programming of our inner self. And the world around you picks up on that.  

You can influence the situation by applying the Law of Attraction. You have way more influence on the situation than you think, believe me! Now, you can either choose to accept the situation and the negative energy that comes with it (which will put a block on your own manifesting process), or you can choose to take back control over your feelings and energy.  

The Universe is sending you a gift in the form of a situation you can grow from

We are here to learn. And as I see it, there is always a lesson we’re working on and every lesson appears in your life as a challenging situation you need to learn from. Each lesson is a big opportunity to grow, but when you don’t take the opportunity to learn the lesson that the Universe is trying to teach you in the first place, this situation will appear again in your life, until you decide to change and solve the situation for good. Most people, including me, need to experience each lesson at least a few times, because we tend to look for the solution outside ourselves (our ego) instead of looking inwards, which is where the solution can be found, always.  

If you’re reading this blog, maybe ‘setting boundaries and learning to take back control over your energy’ is what the Universe is trying to teach you right now. And with this blog, I hope to bring some new perspective on this challenging situation you’re experiencing in your life. Hopefully, this blog will help you to move forward in your learning process, so you’ll be able to grow and remove this energy blockage as soon as possible! Beause you need your vibrations to be positive. Otherwise, you won’t be able to manifest the life you do want.

We accept unacceptable behavior of others because ‘they don’t really mean it like that’, or because you’re afraid it will disturb the relationship, because it’s a family-thing or work-related and you see this person on a daily basis. But when this means that the other person can do whatever he wants, while the positive energy you’re meditating so hard for directly vanishes into thin air, you’re not heading in the right direction and you won’t be able to move forward.

The solution is hidden in your inner self and not in the other person

So, instead of putting the blame on the other, first you need to realize that something in your vibration is sending out the message that people are welcome to treat you like this. You allow it. That’s why it’s time to look inwards. Find out why you are sending out these vibrations. We really teach others how to treat us with our vibration and by the thoughts we have about ourselves. Ask yourself the question: is it possible this has something to do with my own insecurities and my feelings of self-worth? Somehow you feel it is your job to please others, even if you need to pay the price by feeling unhappy in exchange. Why?  Why does pleasing the other have a priority on feeling good yourself? Take a good look inside and try to find out what’s causing this and work on this issue.

Of course you can address your ‘boundary crosser’, but if you don’t work on the reason why you attract this type of  behavior towards you in the first place, you will come across similar situations again and again in the future.

There are other ways you can make sure others won’t cross your boundaries, without giving up on your positive energy. 

Ways to maintain your boundaries and positive energy 

  • Write down a list of affirmations that give you strength in this situation and that will shift your focus to what you do want to attract from this person. What should this relationship look like? How will this person treat you then? What does the world look like when your boundaries are respected.
  • A few suitable affirmations:
    • It’s okay to say no
    • I have the right to feel safe en respected
    • I’m responsible for my own happiness
    • The happiness of others is not my responsibility
    • I have the right to choose my own lifestyle
    • I have the right to express my opinions, needs and feelings
    • I give myself permission to be who I am
    • I am enough
    • I only attract people who respect me
    • I only attract loving relationships
    • I am a human being and my feelings are okay
  • Sometimes it can be necessary to talk to this person to make clear (once again) that his behavior makes you feel uncomfortable. Then, explain how you do want to be treated and put your focus during the conversation on the positive outcome. According to the Law of Attraction you have to express what you do want to receive instead of putting your focus on what you don’t want to attract. Then the good will follow.  
  • Sometimes we are stuck in a web of loyalty, which makes us feel like we don’t have the right to set our own boundaries. But please bare in mind – especially when you’ve already expressed it several times and nothing changed – just as this person thinks he or she has the right to treat you like this, you also have the right to choose to not tolerate this any longer. Give yourself enough importance and don’t make yourself inferior to someone else.
  • I took my distance from people many times when I felt it was necessary. And in some cases this is what you need to do for yourself to be able to keep your positive energy. When someone causes you to feel unhappy on a regular basis and you never leave this person with a smile on your face, it’s a clear signal from your inner self. Taking distance is not selfish when the relationship only lowers your energy and takes you out of balance. I don’t mean you should distance yourself immediately when someone complained to you once, but when you notice this you leave this person more often with a lower vibration than the vibration you had before meeting this person, distance might be a healthy option to consider. 
  • Negative emotions are signals that are trying to tell you that you need to change the situation. Take control of your own life and future experiences.  Eventually, everything is a choice, even accepting unacceptable behavior of others. We tend to fall into victim-mode and in believing we don’t have a choice in situations like this, but you do have a choice. Search for the solution and you will find it!
  • According to the Law of Attraction we attract what we send out. That’s why it’s important to stop dwelling on negative thoughts and to go back to a higher vibration as soon as possible. Don’t dwell on anger and sadness because of what “the other person is doing to you”. It will only lead you to more similar situations. The Law of Attraction assumes that you desire more of the emotion you are experiencing. So, take the action steps that are needed and let go of the situation as soon as possible. Start doing the things that make you feel good.
  • You’re experience with the outer world, is a reflection of your inner world. The moment you stop believing it’s necessary to make compromises and to sacrifice yourself, it will immediately reflect in your physical experience in the outer world. 

When you learn to set boundaries, manifesting becomes a lot easier as well. You’ll notice that similar situations don’t cross your path as often as before when sticking up for yourself is not an obstacle for you anymore. If you feel guilty for setting and maintaing your boundaries, this is connected to your inner belief that you’re only worthy as a person if you please other people in life. But you’re not responsible for the happiness of others. The moment you are able to let this limiting belief go, you’ll notice that this feelings of guilt slowly disappears. Without feelings of guilt, it’s a lot easier to stay in alignment with source. And when you’re in alignment, you won’t attract similar situations in the first place. You’ll automatically attract more loving relationships with people that treat you with love and respect. 

Good luck!

Lots of love!


Best Law of Attraction Planner 2019-2020

The best LOA & motivational planners 2020

Why I’m using a Law of Attraction Planner

In one of my previous posts I already talked about the Law of Attraction and the reasons why I’m hooked. The Law of Attraction works 100%… need to do a little work for it to make it work. 🙂 This means that you need to work on keeping your consciousness high and maintain your awareness of your positive thinking. You need to stay focused the goal and you need to keep on transforming your negative thoughts into positive ones. One of the best tools I like to use to keep myself accountable is a Motivational / Law of Attraction planner. You can keep track of all your desires, goals and thoughts in these planners and in most of them, you can make your own personal vision board. Ideal, right! But what is the Law of Attraction again and which planner is the best Law of Attraction planner? Read all about it in this blog!

Allow me to kick-start your memory first… and in case you don’t have any knowledge about the Law of Attraction yet; a short introduction:

The Law of Attraction is a universal law. The theory behind it is the thought that we (can) create our own reality. According to this law we attract the things we want, and we also attract the things we don’t want. We attract everything through our thoughts and emotions. When you’re thinking about your positive desires, you can manifest them. But when your negative thoughts take over, they will eventually be manifested in your reality as well. Are you scared of high bills? Then they will be delivered at your doorstep. Do you want to lose weight, but are you mostly thinking about the weight that keeps coming and about the diets that you keep trying, but they’re all too hard? Are you telling yourself you’re not happy with yourself when you look into the mirror? Then this is exactly what you will attract!

Fortunately, the opposite works as well! Are you expecting a big amount of money being transferred to your bank account that’s coming from an unexpected source? Then this is what you will manifest. Can you shift your focus to the things you like about yourself when you’re looking in the mirror? Then this beauty is on its way to manifest itself in your new reality.

When we have limiting beliefs, we will also attract a life that is limited. This is the exact reason why you need to keep a positive mindset, without those limiting beliefs. You need to work on your awareness when it comes to your limiting thoughts every day. Only then they will eventually disappear (together with the corresponding manifestations) and will the positive thoughts with your new belief system take root in your mind to create the reality you have in mind.

Everything is possible, the sky is the limit! But I know from my personal experience, that you fall back to your old thought patterns so fast in daily life. That you are so easily drawn back into what you think is ‘reality’. And when you’re not on the right frequency anymore and you actually kind of forget the Law of Attraction exists. This is where the Law of Attraction planner comes at play. It’ll help you to make your goals and wishes more specific. And after that the planner help you to work on them every day with full consciousness. Daily consciousness is really a necessity if you want to make the Law of Attraction succeed in your life.

But which Law of Attraction planner should you buy? I did some research and these are the planners I like the most!

1. Law of Attraction Life Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner

Buy your Life Planner here!

With this 100% eco-friendly Law of Attraction planner, you can go in all directions. It has a foldable vision board, which makes you able to focus on all your desires and to visualize them at a glance. The planner contains a gratitude journal, habit trackers, to-do lists, a weekly and a monthly planner, mind maps, reflection pages, feel-good lists, and affirmations. In short, all self-awareness tools packed in one planner! This planner is also suitable for vegans since it’s made of animal-friendly PU leather and certified FSC paper. It is undated, so you can start whenever you want. And another fun detail: if you use heat-sensitive pens, you can erase your writings later and start all over again. 🙂 It comes in the colors black and rose.

2. Law of Attraction Daily Planner

This daily planner has a lot in common with the weekly/monthly planner I mentioned above. They have the same design and the same tools that will help you to work towards the best version of yourself. Such as; the foldable vision board, the morning- and evening questions, mind maps, reflection pages, the gratitude journal, the to-do lists and much more. The difference is mainly in the planner’s size. This A5 sized planner is smaller than the B5 sized weekly/daily planner. So, in case you’re traveling a lot, this one might be easier to carry around with you. This planner is also 100% eco-friendly and is suitable for vegans. It has a calendar for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 and it’s undated. In conclusion: the ideal planner to give your mind a reset and to do your daily planning and reflection. It’s available in the colors rose and turquoise.

Buy your Daily Planner here!

3. Law of Attraction Goal Planner

To become a real master in the Law of Attraction, this is the Law of Attraction planner you need. This will only take you 30 days. The planner has room for your daily planning and reflection, goal setting and prioritizing and mind mapping. You will also find an 8-step plan, a vision board en room to develop your ideas further. This Law of Attraction planner is doing its job so well because you can reprogram your subconscious in just 30 days according to NASA. Skipping a day means you need to start all over again at day 1. So this Law of Attraction planner gives you a good grip if you want to see real and permanent changes. In contrast with other motivational planners, you are really able to keep track of your progress during the process. It gives insight on what’s really going on in your mind and it helps you to step out of negative thinking patterns.

Buy your Goal Planner here!

4. The Five Minute Journal

Are endless writing sessions not your thing? Or you actually don’t have enough time to keep track of a journal? With this planner you can boost your feeling of happiness by investing just 5 minutes per day. You briefly keep track of priorities daily for that particular day and you keep your consciousness high through the use of daily affirmations and reading quotes. At the end of the day you fill out the ‘end of the day reflection’. In my opinion, the other planners are really nice, but in reality, you don’t really need more than 5 minutes a day to stay in alignment and keep your consciousness high. Deliberately creating of a few positive thoughts a day, already puts you into the right frequency. You can use this planner over the course of 6 months.

Buy the 5 Minute Journal here!

5. The 555 Manifesting Challenge

The 555 manifesting challenge: This might actually be my favorite one! This planner uses a different approach and at the same time uses the Law of Attraction/New Thought. You are supposed to choose what you would like to manifest within 5 days by writing the same affirmation 55 times in this journal. And this you’ll repeat for 5 days. It sounds a bit like detention, but in fact, it’s quite logical this approach works. By repeating the same thought over and over again, you are programming this thought in your subconsciousness. And as a result this thought eventually will become your truth. In my view, every Law of Attraction fan should own this book in addition to one of the other Law of Attraction planners. This will allow you to add more power to the Law of Attraction.

This cute little book has 150 pages for you to write. This means there are 11 rounds of 5-day manifestations!

Buy the 555 Manifesting Challenge here!

6. Tools4wisdom planner

And the last planner that I’m very excited about; the Tools4wisdom planner. It promises to keep you motivated, even when things are not going your way. And if one thing is important to keep you on the path of the right alignment, it is to keep your spirit high when life gets a little tough. And at the same time, this is the hardest and it’s where the Law of Attraction mostly fails. This planner shifts your focus from being reactive to proactive. You will work on your goals by breaking them down from big to small. From annual goals to daily goals, so that you will remain with a lot of doable small micro-steps. It immediately makes your goals look a lot smaller, which as a result makes it easier for you to keep believing in them. You’re taking it step by step.

Buy the Tools4Wisdom Planner here

What’s appealing to me the most is the shift from being reactive to being pro-active. Because when you become pro-active, you immediately learn that life doesn’t just happen to you. In fact, you are capable to control your life yourself. You learn to take small actions every day and to work towards your desired outcome bit by bit. This has been the way I managed to step out of my anxiety/depression. I always felt so overwhelmed by my goals that they seemed to be not feasible in advance. And I believed that life comes as it comes, very random. Eventually, I decided to take a small action every day that my future self would thank me for in 5 years. Sometimes the smallest actions can already make a change because they give you the sense of being in control again (which is very important if you’re dealing with anxiety or going through a depression). Cleaning the house, make myself a healthy dinner, send that one letter, sign up for a course, study one chapter… This mentality eventually resulted in the manifestation of my biggest desires.

Hopefully I’ve been of good help in your search for the planner that suits you the most. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂



Hypnobirthing techniques: Are painful births a manifestation of our cultural belief system?


Is it possible to give birth pain-free with hypnobirthing techniques?

Today, I am 8 months pregnant. Which means that the day that I’m going to meet my baby, is really close 🙂 As you might’ve read in my other blogs, the Law of attraction is a big part of my daily life. And since this is working quite well on all the other levels of my life, I started to wonder if you can also apply the law of attraction to manifest a calm, stressless, pain-free – or at least less painful – birthing experience. Without (too many) complications afterwards.

Transform ‘fear’ to ‘mindful’ and ‘relaxed’ with hypnobirthing techniques

Fear struck me when I was around 4 months pregnant. Am I capable of doing this? What can I expect? What if I can’t handle the pain? What can I compare this pain with? Every horror story that I have once been told, arose in my mind. And at this very moment, I thought to myself: how am I going to transform this into something positive? Maybe there are also women who have shared positive birthing stories online that I can use? Stories that will help me to create a new thought pattern in my mind, instead of sticking to the horror ones I already knew.

I started to search Google for positive birthing stories. And yes, thank God, I found the stories I was hoping for. Women who experienced giving birth not as agony, but just as something beautiful and not so hard to endure. Most women I’ve heard talking about giving birth in my life said something like: “The pain is unbearable, but the moment your baby is born and you look into those eyes, you will forget all the pain”. But why is the pain something we need to endure first before the enjoyment comes? Shouldn’t giving birth be a nice and beautiful experience to begin with?

From that moment on I shifted my focus on having a positive birthing experience. A birth that is a pleasant experience from the beginning till the end. Instead of only pleasant after your baby is born. Fear in advance for sure won’t help me and “the path is the goal”, right?

Use affirmations!

First of all I came up with a series of affirmations to read every day. Like this I installed “positive expectation software” in my mind, for the pregnancy itself and for the moment of giving birth. For the pregnancy, I can already say that it was a very pleasant experience for me! Of course I’ve had some sleepless nights, nausea and did I have some minor ailments. But in general, it has been an easy pregnancy that I have been mostly able to enjoy 🙂

The Mongan-method: the hypnobirthing techniques book

Now my goal is to manifest the same type of experience for birth as I did for the pregnancy itself. So I started to do some online research about methods that can help me with this, and the one that stood out the most was Marie Mongan’s bookHypnobirthing“.

Marie Mongan developed the Mongan-method; a hypnobirthing method. As a kid she heard her mother talking about her own birthing experience when she gave birth to Marie. Her mother had a terrible experience with giving birth. Which is of course not really nice to hear about your own birth 😉

From this moment on Marie has been obsessed by her inner belief and wish, that there must be a way to have a pleasant birthing experience. Eventually, she stumbled upon Dick-Read’s method and with the use of this method, she developed a method of her own. She helps you to take back control over this important, intense event.

You can buy the hypnobirthing techniques book here:

What is hypnobirthing exactly?

Hypnobirthing helps women to learn to trust on their own strength during birth. This is done by the use of the hypnobirthing techniques and by creating awareness that as a woman, you can instinctively endure this. She claims that women experience a lot less pain during birth when they use her method. And she claims it also reduces the need for medication or c-sections. The duration of the birth and the recovery time afterward are also much shorter.

Which is great, because now you will be able as a newborn to focus yourself completely on bonding with your baby! Your baby’s birth trauma will be a lot smaller as well. Which will result in a baby that is able to sleep and eat much better. Win-win for everybody!

Marie Mongan believes that so many women experience giving birth as being so traumatic because our culture is teaching us to fear giving birth. We’ve been told to count on a painful, horrible experience. A question that I’m asked on a regular basis is: “Are you nervous for the moment you’re going to give birth?” But I’m actually really looking forward to it. Fear creates stress in your body. It makes you to feel cramped before it has even started. So fear or dreading isn’t going to help you at all. Besides, everything you believe, you attract!

And how does it work?

Hypnobirthing is a self-hypnosis technique. This hypnobirthing technique will ensure a calm birth, without an overload of stress and fear. By the way, it’s not the type of hypnosis where you’re not aware of the world around you anymore, so not in a wooly way, fortunately. I don’t like that either. You just start to feel really relaxed and because of this techniques you learn how to be in control over your pain, your body and mind.

I found a lot of expensive hypnobirthing (breathing techniques) courses online, which might be great for many, but for me the book is enough. For now. In case the book turns out not being helpful enough this time, I will consider the course the next time 🙂

There is no right or wrong!

By the way, with this blog post, I’m not trying to say that women who did have a tough birthing experience, didn’t do well enough. I’m mostly trying to help myself with the search for different ways and I hope to inspire other expecting mothers as well.

I would never judge anyone, there is no right or wrong. Besides, first I need to see for myself how I’m going to handle this in reality 😉 Even with the best preparations it’s possible to be completely overwhelmed by the pain and not being able anymore to stick to the good thoughts. I have no illusions regarding this whatsoever.

The Law of attraction needs practice in daily life. Which goes by trial and error. It is just a great opportunity to learn from it and to see if I will be able to apply this life knowledge in an intense situation like this, without getting lost in ‘reality’.

Do you have a positive birthing story to share?

For now, I’m looking forward to this special moment that will present itself soon! And I can’t wait to read the rest of the book. I will update this post as soon as I finished it. And I will also tell you how the birthing went. But for now I would like to hear your experiences. Let’s use the comments to share your positive birthing experience, so expecting mothers can benefit from that.

A small update

The day I was writing my post – I almost finished it – I went to the 36-weeks ultrasound. They discovered that our babies heartbeat was almost going twice as fast as it should be. So we went to the hospital and I stayed there for a couple of days. They don’t know the cause, it’s something that can happen during the end of a pregnancy. But they have been able to get her heartbeat in a normal rhythm again :))

So everything is fine, but chances for a natural birth are of course a lot smaller. If there are any irregularities it might become a c-section. I will still continue the book, because I think I will benefit from the hypnobirthing techniques anyway. So I might not be able to share my full experience with you. Which is completely fine for me, as long as she will be fine! But I’d still like to hear your stories!

Lots of love



How affirmations work + 17x awesome affirmations for beginners

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is everything that we say or think repetitively. It is a sentence we use to affect our conscious and subconscious minds. For the law of attraction to work in your life, the awareness of what you are repeatedly thinking or saying is extremely important. The negative and the positive. Because you create a belief for everything you are thinking. Herein lies the power of positive affirmations for success. Because what you think is what you believe, and what you believe is going to be your reality. This is how affirmations work.

How many thoughts do we have each day?

Did you know that we think between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day? And that 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as we had yesterday? How many of those thoughts do you think are negative in some way? This may come as a shock, but experts estimate 80% of our thoughts to be negative!!

The law of attraction is all about having positive thoughts, but obviously, we can’t control so many thoughts every day. For most of them, we don’t even realize we’re thinking them. So, if we have so many negative thoughts and we want the law of attraction to work for us, you really have to start adding more deliberate positive thoughts to keep on attracting the things that you do want, instead of the things you do not want in your life. Using the power of positive affirmations is the way to create some new thought patterns and beliefs in your mind.

A believe is only a thought that I keep thinking”

Esther Hicks in Money and the Law of Attraction

We all know the expression: ‘you sow what you reap’ and this is exactly how affirmations work. With our thoughts, we put seeds in the ground day in and day out. The more we water those seeds, the better these thoughts that you’ve planted will grow and will become your reality. If you want to plant a positive outcome in your reality, you will not receive that by planting and watering negative seeds.

How affirmations work: the mind is like a computer and it needs updates!

Your subconscious mind works like a computer. There is software installed on your computer: a program with your past experiences, one with your belief-systems, one that tells you what you are capable of and of what you believe you are not capable of doing/becoming, one that tells you how to behave in any situation, one with your patterns. A lot of this software is old and is not serving you at all. It is based on the knowledge and technology that was available in your world years ago but needs some serious updating for this computer to work well. This outdated software is just repetitively planting and watering negative seeds into your system.

So in order to help our subconscious to water the seeds we want to grow, we need to re-program ourselves by deliberately installing updated software and uninstalling the outdated programs in our subconscious minds.

How affirmations work for me

What works best for me is to collect powerful positive affirmations on Pinterest with thoughts that I want to be true for my life. Create your own (private) Affirmation bord and pin those affirmations to it. Now you have your daily affirmations together in one place and all you need to is to take a couple of minutes to go through them daily. I read them every morning when I wake up when I’m drinking my morning tea or coffee. It’s important to try read them with full awareness so your brain really understands what you want it to believe. And feel that what you’re reading is already in your life right now, even if it’s not true yet.

Focus on how you want it to be, try to feel how you would feel the moment this thought entered your reality, so you will install this new thought as new software into your mind. And then at one moment, your brain will start to use this affirmation by itself, your subconscious will start to use it. And then, when this became your new belief, it will show up in your reality. This is when the law of attraction starts to work. You will first start to see the signals, which I always believe are telling me… ‘have a little patience and have trust, because what you want is on its way’!

Have fun and be creative with your affirmations

If you aren’t a native English speaker and you’ve mostly found affirmations you like in English, you could use a Quote Creator application to translate them, save them on your phone and then upload them to your Pinterest board. You can also write them by yourself in your native language. For me affirmations feel way more powerful when I read them in my native language, because I think it’s easier for my brain to comprehend what I’m making it to believe.

And even more so, when I write the affirmations myself because then it’s a thought that I already thought before myself. This will feel much better compared to borrowing it from someone else’s mind. 🙂 So start writing these powerful positive affirmations that will help you to manifest your personal desires!

Don’t fight the old, focus on the new

It’s not necessary to try to control your negative thoughts or to feel bad about them. It’s natural you are thinking negative thoughts every day. Instead of focussing on blocking the negative, set your focus on installing these positive affirming thoughts. Because 1 positive thought is way more powerful than 100 negative ones. And focussing on what you do not want, will, of course, attract more of what is not wanted.

Every night before going to bed you can think or say your affirmations again. It personally also helps me to – before I close my eyes for a good night sleep – read a chapter from books that are about the law of attraction. Consequently, the explanations the author gives you on the subject will result in a permanent change of your belief-system bit by bit. Also, reading a bit daily will help you stay to aware and aligned. It’s really about perseverance and allowing yourself to spend at least 30 minutes of your day on your positive thoughts.

Get inspired

One of the best books to help you to set positive thoughts is the book You can heal your life by Louise Hay. She gives many examples of powerful positive affirmations in here that you can use and she explains very clearly how affirmations work. She really helped to improve my life.

Examples of positive affirmations

  • Positive abundance follows me everywhere
  • Money is always coming my way
  • I am grateful
  • I am happy
  • Everything I do turns into a success
  • I attract only good things into my life
  • I am now attracting health into my life
  • I only attract loving people into my life
  • I deserve the best and I accept it now
  • I have $…. on my bank account
  • I can afford anything I desire
  • All is well in my world
  • Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time
  • I trust the process
  • I love my job and I am well paid for it
  • I am married to the love of my life
  • I love and accept myself

Thank you for reading my blog and please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Lots of positive thoughts, love and light


My law of attraction blog and everything you need to know to stay aligned!

The Law of Attraction Alignment

Your answer to all life questions…

Hey you, thank you for checking out my blog about the law of attraction and anything that might help you to stay aligned! 🙂

More than 10 years ago, I came across a book in the bookstore called The Secret. Today, most of you probably know this book, but then it was completely new. At that moment, the Law of attraction did its job as described. I was drawn to it, I was guided to it. I bought the book and read it in one breath. Afterward, I was totally convinced that this was it! This was what I was looking for my whole life!

I put it to the test a couple of times. And indeed, it really did seem to work. What I didn’t understand back then was the presence of this huge pile of limiting thoughts, residing in the back of my mind. As a result, I fell off the wagon, again and again. ‘Bad’ things were happening and the negative thoughts came back; “See, this is nonsense, life doesn’t really work like this. It can’t be that easy, really! You were just lucky a couple of times. See how you still haven’t manifested the amount of money you asked for! You’re not even close, etc.” Many of you have probably already been down this road as well.

I fell off track so bad, that it actually ended in depression, burn-out and feeling totally unhappy with my life. Things seemed to just randomly happen to me, negative things.. And I completely forgot about The Secret and the Law of Attraction. It was still there, somewhere in the back of my mind. But the negative-thinking-monster took over my mind.

From nothing to everything!

A couple of years ago I signed up for a Kabbalah course. A lot of their teachings were actually about the power of thoughts and about deliberately creating. Slowly it got me back on track. Since then a lot of good things changed in my life. First of all, I quit my job and sold my house. Then I lived abroad for over 6 months and actually did many other things that I’ve always dreamed about. I started to learn more about the law of attraction through podcasts and books and via some amazing people I met along the road.

And the list continues; I married the love of my life and I am pregnant. I got my yoga teacher degree and I opened up my own freelance business. All these life changes, are now part of my day-to-day life. Changes that I once only dreamed about and seemed so far out of reach. They somehow became reality to me.

You can learn from my mistakes!

As you can see, my life completely turned around! And this is why I would like to share my knowledge and reviews with you. So you don’t need to go through 10 miserable, confusing years too before you will figure this good shit out. Consequently, this blog about the law of attraction will hopefully also help with my own accountability. Because in everyday life you naturally get caught up in this illusionary world. And then you forget to appreciate the things you’ve manifested and to show gratitude for them. And you forget how much lies within your own control, how you attract even the smallest details of your life.

Manifest your dreams in 6 steps

Let’s share!

If you are looking to expand your knowledge about the law of attraction, I highly recommend you to read Abraham Hicks’ books and to start working with a Law of Attraction / motivational planner. They have been really helpful for me. By reading a bit from their books every day I am able to keep my consciousness high.

Please tell me more about your experiences with the law of attraction, source, chakra’s, alignment, yoga, positive thinking or anything else you might think of!

Lots of Love and Light,