How to cope with fear and anxiety during difficult times

How to cope with fear and anxiety during difficult times
Before I start, let me clarify that I take our current global events very serious. And I hope you guys will do as well. Follow your governments’ and the WHO’s instructions at all times. And remember: this doesn’t just concern your health, but the health of others as well.
The intention of this post is to bring some mental relief to those who need it during these confusing times. As well as to maybe give you a new perspective that might help you cope better. And by no means I want to downplay the situation we’re in. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to look at the spiritual aspect of it, but it doesn’t make the physical reality less real. Many are going through difficult and painful times right now. Which is something we can’t ignore and respect.  
I know what it’s like to be very anxious in life, because I’ve often experienced this myself. And because of my own experience, I also know there are ways to cope with fear and anxiety better. What I’m going to tell you helped me a lot. I hope my tips will make life a little easier for you too. That would be great! 
During the past weeks my mind remained quite calm. But since yesterday, I have been feeling a bit anxious about everything that is happening in the world. And I know that many of you out there feel the same way as I did! But… I also realize the fact that fear is the very opposite of what is helpful right now. For yourself and for the people around you.

Let’s call it the ‘fear virus’ 

We are dealing with an pandemic now because of the corona-virus. And in a figurative sense, there’s another ‘virus’ succeeding quite well at the moment; the ‘virus’ of fear. Us, human beings, have a talent for making each other really scared. We all know stress and anxiety lowers our immune system, thus making us more vulnerable to become sick on a physical level too

Fear causes people to buy loads of silly products 😉

So far fear has mainly resulted in empty supermarkets, a shortage of face masks and swabs for health care professionals, a run on weapons in the United States, in the Netherlands we had a run on marijuana :), and there have been fights over toilet paper?! (humanity at its best!). So it seems, fear is not very helpful so far. Fear has a function when we are truly in danger. But 91% of the time we fear something, those fears will never come true. And if they do come true, somewhere in the future, it’s still a waste of our precious time… being scared until it happens.

Switch off the fear-button!

Fear lowers our immune system. So, by being scared or anxious, you are more open to become sick. Most people who get the virus, didn’t feel sick at all or were only mildly affected by it. Which means that a lot of people have an immune system that is strong enough to fight it. So, in any case we’re better off when our bodies are not feeling stressed. No, it doesn’t mean you can’t catch the virus, or get sick, when you feel completely relaxed. It does mean that your immune system isn’t already weakened because of dealing with anxiety before. In any case it’s best to live as healthy and relaxed as possible under these circumstances. 😉 That’s why it’s important to switch the fear button off!

On the agenda for 2020: A collective shift in consciousness

To get rid of my own anxiety, I started to focus on what spiritual people had to say about these global events. And what they have to say is actually really beautiful. Looking at it from that perspective makes it to be a true blessing to be alive at this particular time in history. According to the spiritual people, there is a spiritual shift in the collective consciousness on the 2020 agenda. And I do believe that this is going to make changes in the behavior of humankind on earth. I’ve heard about this shift before, and I also noticed changes in the people around me in the last years. But still, I would have never thought, there was a change on its way to this extent. In one way it results in sickness, sadness and economy crises on a human level, it also results in us being more connected to each other than ever, and the planet seems to heal as well.
Up until a week ago, for many people saw, events that occurred elsewhere in the world, as a soon-to-be-forgotten distant reality. “War in Syria? Mehh, yeah, terrible, but what can we do about it? Starvation in Africa? Yeah, awful, but I won’t be able to change that. Pollution? It’s not that bad. No need to drive, fly, and consume a little less. Ebola? Ah yes, so sad, but that won’t hurt me anyway. These things happen in Africa.” However, the Corona-virus is a global crisis, and connects us again. Ironically, by keeping our distance from each other physically; on a spiritual level it brings us closer together, as well as to the essence of life.

We are one!

Us humans are interconnected. We are part of one and the same organism, meaning that each person’s suffering, is directly connected to you and will affect you as well as. For a long time we managed to justify this to ourselves. The reason why it is ok we are happy and healthy, whereas so many other people on the planet didn’t have the same basic rights as our Western society had. Anything in order to keep our ego satisfied. Anything to save our own skin, anything that will keep any responsibility towards that invisible other as far away as possible from us.
We can’t ignore each other anymore, and we really need one another to make this work in the long run. We’re more interdependent than ever. For where people on this planet live in poor health conditions, with no access to adequate health care, this may directly result in new outbreaks on the other side of the globe. Status, power, money, religion and race are no longer of any importance. This is something we must do together, because we are all tied to each other.

Stay away from the collective stream of fear

I believe that this will be a turning point for humanity.  On a spiritual level, all of this can only result in a beautiful and positive outcome. Hopefully, this is the start of a new and better world, for all of us. Finally! But as always with change, it can also be frightening, painful and overwhelming.
For this reason we must help each other, instead of scaring each other. Don’t feed the fears! Just follow your governments guidelines, but don’t get caught up in all the scary reports and statistics. Stay awake, stay conscious. Focus on the beautiful things that will come again. And as with everything in life, you have the choice to make tthis experience as good or bad as you choose it to be. So, my advice to you is: strive to make the most out of this situation, focus on the positive aspects it brings, no matter what happens. Because beauty can be found everywhere.

The Kabbalistic perspective

According to Kabbalist teachings, our physical reality, which we believe to be the complete reality, is just a fraction of the total reality. Our perception of the Universe is limited by our senses, yet forms the perfect setting that we need to achieve spiritual growth. A learning school on an individual and a global level. And the more we support one another in this process, the faster we’ll be moving towards our final destination. The end-point where there is only unconditional love, where suffering is non existent, the place where all pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. And when you look at it from this perspective, it seems we’re getting much closer to that today!

Ego Vs. Inner Self

This learning school basically gives us two choices in every situation; the choice for the ego, i.e. fear and suffering, or the choice for our inner self, i.e. unconditional love, happiness and spiritual growth. And each time we are able to reject the ego, it brings us closer to where you and the entire world ultimately will be. Each and every action of each individual counts. Rejecting the ego will always bring us one step closer to the full reality, and to who we truly are. Our inner self knows that the ego – hence also fear – is an illusion. So now is definitely the time to stay aware of this at all times. According to Kabbalah, more ego, also means more chaos and suffering. Rejecting the ego will result in more peace and unlimited happiness.
In difficult times like this, we will see a lot of people are going to choose for fear. But remember, their fear is not your fear. Try not to get caught up in it. I always find comfort in the thought that everything happens for a reason and everything happens as it’s supposed to happen. There’s never a reason to be afraid. What is going to happen exactly? I don’t know. But I do know that we have to let go of the fear of the unknown, embrace the situation as it is and have unconditional faith in the changes it will bring about.

Other tips to cope with fear anxiety:

  • Watch Dr. Joe Dispenza’s video’s; he’s a neuroscientist and biochemist who tells you exactly how we respond to fear, how it affects you, its purpose, and how you can turn this around.
  • Bored and in the mood to read a good book? There are a few books that really helped me to cope better with my anxiety and feel more relaxed. The books of Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth and The Power of the Now are must-reads for people who want to cope better with fear and anxiery.

    Dr. Joe Dispenza is a great writer as well! He explains how you can heal yourself by changing your mindset. If you feel anxious or worried about the thought that you might get sick, then his books might be very helpful to you during these extraordinary times we’re globally going through right now.

    My recommendations:

  • Watch Bruce Lipton’s video’s; Bruce Lipton is a biologist. He explains how illness can be caused by our own thoughts.
  • Take a course in mindfulness. Being mindful helps  to take everything day by day and to stop worrying about the future. This is a course I recommend for beginners: Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation
  • Start studying Kabbalah! The Kabbalah is a blueprint of life. It explains why we live in this physical world, the purpose of it, and how we can stop suffering. Bnei Baruch has awesome classes online on YouTube. For free! Click the link for the first lesson: Introduction to Kabbalah
  • Let things go that are out of your control
  • Use this time to pause and contemplate. We’ve been running long enough.
  • Do your spiritual work. Work on yourself. Search for your higher self. And free yourself from your ego.
  • Check out the printables of Blessing Manifesting for Anxiety
  • Work out from home!
  • Eat healthy.
  • Enjoy the beautiful weather!
  • Do not constantly check the news. 1x a day (even less or not at all) to stay informed of new measures can be useful, however, filling your day with sad news reports will take you out of your positive vibration. And your positive vibration is exactly what you and the world needs right now!
  • Help someone by doing their groceries (if you’re healthy of course).
  • Facetime with family and friends.
  • Relax. We have been running for a long time. Use this time to pause and contemplate.
  • Let go of control.
Wishing you lots of strength, happiness, love and health!

Guest Blog: The power of the mind

The Power of the mind - Alice where is wonderland

Our brain is composed of atoms, and atoms follow the laws of quantum physics.

A question to ask is whether quantum theory can help us to understand consciousness. Scientists, still are debating in order to concretely answer this.

The facts

The subconscious mind: this is where the limitless power resides.

I am pretty confident that all of us have read or heard somewhere that humans only use a portion of their brains. Well, this is most of all, because of the subconscious mind. Just below the surface of our conscious mind there is a dormant volcano of powerful thought energy waiting to erupt. Think of it like an iceberg; you can only see the top but there is a great deal under that, and that is what makes it powerful.

Our so called “subconscious” does so much of the work of our thinking.

It serves as memory storage keeping there all of our memories, behaviors and emotions.

It filters all that data so that only the necessary information makes it to consciousness. This way our conscious mind does not have to deal with million info we are experiencing every waking second.

It is also our guidance system. It constantly monitors the information that is coming from the senses and identifies dangers and opportunities. Once this is done, it communicates that information to the conscious mind for action.

Scientists have confirmed that when the mind is daydreaming or “spacing out”, the silent parts of the brain are activated (the so called “Default Network”). 

People who are able to effectively tune into their subconscious thoughts and channel positive messages are tapping into a more successful and happy life.

How to access and control our subconscious

Believe it or not, the most powerful tool is meditation. Meditation will help us to dive in and use all the stored info to our maximum advantage. When we meditate and we start controlling our breath, we get the control from the subconscious mind and give it to our conscious mind. We continue breathing deeper and deeper focusing on our senses and emotions. Then we stop to control it and voila, our subconscious starts doing it and we do not have to think about it anymore.

Meditation allows us to better train our mind making us more mindful and as a result reprogramming our thoughts to easily manifest whatever we desire.

Final thoughts

Our thoughts really do create our reality and our mind plays the biggest role on that. The power of thought is a creative power. We can train and strengthen this power and use it to make changes in our life but also to influence other people’s minds.

Thoughts are like seeds: they have a natural tendency to grow. Therefore, when we feed our thoughts we are able to manifest.

These thoughts are filtered from our conscious mind to our subconscious mind, and as a result, it influences our actions accordingly.

The mind can be led to believe all sorts of things. Frequent visualization and actual feelings help in using the power of our thoughts.

Another interesting approach is the placebo effect that could be also used to our advantage. More on that to come on my blog –> Alice Where Is Wonderland

Love Elli


This post is written by guest blogger Elli from Alice Where Is Wonderland. Visit her website for more interesting blogs if you enjoyed this post! 

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Elli - Where is Wonderland

The 7 chakra’s: what do they mean + how to open them

Meaning of the 7 chakras

During your yoga-class you probably heard your yoga teacher say which chakra will be opened in this class. Or which asana (yoga pose) helps to unblock a certain chakra. Can you feel the energy flowing?

But what are chakra’s exactly? And what is the meaning of the chakra’s? What does it mean when a chakra is blocked? And how can you unblock them? It is important to know the basics of the chakra’s, because with this knowledge you will always know how to balance yourself and how to keep yourself balanced. You will read the basics here!

Chakra’s: the energy portals of the soul

What are chakra’s and what is the meaning of the chakra’s?

Chakra’s are energy portals located on different points in your body. They are located from the lower part of your spine to the top of your head and they regulate the energy flow in your body. Chakra’s can be balanced, then you feel great. But when one or more chakra’s are out of balance, it means you have a blockage and the life energy that should be flowing freely is disturbed. These blockages will present themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Every chakra is connected to a specific part of your body. Your body and mind communicate with you when a chakra is out of balance. By finding out which chakra is connected to the physical or mental complaints you’re suffering from, you will know which chakra is blocked. You now also know what you should work on to get yourself balanced again. Chakra-blockages can be removed with the different yoga asana’s (yoga poses), aromatherapy and stones/minerals.

There are many different chakra systems, but the system with 7 primary chakra’s is the one that is used the most, so I will use this system for this explanation about the chakra’s. I will explain for each of the chakra what it stands for, what it has an influence on, what happens when it’s blocked and which yoga poses or essential oils you can use to open it again.

The 7 chakra’s from down to up:

1e Chakra: Mooladhara

2e Chakra: Swadishthana

3e Chakra: Manipura

4e Chakra: Anahatha

5e Chakra: Vishudha

6e Chakra: Ajna

7e Chakra: Sahasrara



Meaning chakra: Mooladhara means root in Sanskrit. It is your root chakra, your basis. It represents the physical, the earth, because it is the lowest chakra. This chakra touches the earth. This chakra is developed between the 1st and 6th year of life; the forming years. For a well developed Mooladhara chakra you need to develop a direct connection to the earth. Then it will bring safety and stability, financial securtiy and certainty.
Color: Red
When developed: Between the 1st and 6th year of life
Essential oil mix:

A mix of spikenard, frankincense, palo santo, vetiver

Click here for more info about essential oils

Asana’s: Standing poses
Element: Earth
Location: Perineum
Is connected to: Pelvis, legs, muscles, bones, feet, hips, immunesystem
Balanced: Financial security, safety, grounding
Out of balance: Pelvis, hemorrhoids, sciatica, problems with the hips, knees, ankles, feet, feelings of insecurity, self-pity and irresponsible behavior.



Meaning chakra: The sacral chakra. It stands for relations, creativity, sexuality and the discovery of freedom of choice. It’s when a person learns to listen to his survival instincts and to use the 5 senses. It’s also the phase when a person learns what is his and to defend that, his territory.
Kleur: Orange
Wanneer ontwikkeld: Between the 6th and 12th year of life
Essential oil mix: A mix of coriander seed, geranium, orange, jasmin

Click here for more info about essential oils

Asana’s: Forward bends
Element: Water
Location: Lower belly, two finger-width above Mooladhara
Is connected to: Sexual organs, colon, kidney’s, bladder, appendix, lower part of the spine
Balanced: Sexuality, creativity, preferences, desires
Out of balance: Lower back pain, gynecological problems, PMS, infertility, prostate problems, impotence, kidney stones


Meaning chakra: Is also called solar plexus. It is the stage of life where a person learn to stand up for himself, to put yourself first. You learn to take control of your own life and you will discover the ability to transform (from weak to strong, unhappy to happy, etc.)
Color: Yellow
When developed: Between the 12th and 16th year of life
Essential oil: Mix of black pepper, cardamom, davana, grapefruit

Click here for more info about essential oils

Asana’s: Twists
Element: Fire
Location: Bellybutton
Connected to: Stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, small intestine, middle part of the spine
Balanced: Self-esteem, willpower, move forward in life
Uit balans: Difficulties taking decisions, nervous in groups, diabetes, earting disorders, hepatitis, constipation, diarrhea, selfdestructive behavior, intolereance


Meaning chakra: Heart chakra. It represents stability and harmony in life. Realizing there’s a whole universe out there, seeing the bigger picture en the ability to love unconditionally.
Color: Green
When developed: Between the 16th and 21nd year of life
Essential oil: A mix of grapefruit, rhododendron, bergamot, rose

Click here for more info about essential oils

Asana’s: Back bends
Element: Air
Location: Heart
Connected to: Heart, blood circulation, ribs, chest, lungs, shoulders, arms, upper part of the spine
Balanced: Compassion, sharing, unconditional love
Out of balance: Depression, over-emotional, disappointment, high blood pressure, heart diseases, asthma, breast cancer, shoulder problems


Meaning chakra: Throat chakra. Learn to speak for yourself, but also learn when to be quiet. When Vishudha is opened you know how to express yourself.
Color: Blue
When developed: Between the 21st and 26th year of life
Essential oil: Mix of ho wood, lavender, peppermint, blue tansy

Click here for more info about essential oils

Asana’s: Inversions
Element: Ether
Location: Neck
Connected to: Larynx, thyroid, throat, neck, mouth, teeth
Balanced: Wisdom
Out of balance: Agression, difficulty to speak, sore throat, cold, gum infections, tooth problems, stiff neck, thyroid problems


Meaning chakra: Third eye chakra, this is the chakra where wisdom is developed, you know how to deal with different situations with calmness, the senses are strongly developed: hypersensitivity. This chakra brings healing energy and sometimes clairvoyance.
Color: Purple
When developed: Between the 26th and 33d year of life
Essential oil: A mix of grapefruit, clary sage, sandalwood, spruce

Click here for more info about essential oils

Asana’s: Balancing
Element: Light
Location: Between the eyes
Connected to: Brains, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, pineal gland, sight
Balanced: Full self-realisation, intuition, wisdom
Out of balance: Headache, insomnia


Meaning chakra: Crown chakra, the opening to the spiritual. When this chakra is opened you’re selfless, you don’t ‘need’ anything anymore and you are able to stay in the Now at all times.
Color: Violet-White
When developed: After the 33th year of life
Essential oil: Mix of frankincense, sweet orange, petitgrain, neroli

Click here for more info about essential oils

Asana’s: Meditation
Element: Ether
Location: Top of the head
Connected to: Upper part of the brain, skeleton, muscles, skin
Balanced: Open-mindedess, wisdom, knowledge
Out of balance: Chronic fatigue, skin problems

Synchronicity signs: when it’s not just a coincidence anymore!


Synchronicity signs: when ‘coincidences’ piling up on your way?

Are you also frequently experiencing that something happens in your life, that seems to be too coincidental to be just a coincidence? And do these moments keep piling up in certain periods of your life? Well, this happens to me a lot! Sometimes it feels like I am living in a very big puzzle and the pieces slowly keep coming my way. It feels like they’re all related in some weird way. You’re not the only one who is experiencing this and you are not losing your mind. It is experienced by many others and it even has its own name: synchronicity. All these moments are probably synchronicity signs. I like to see them as a big wink-wink from the Universe or your Inner Source to give you a signal that you are on the right path or to guide you in the right direction.

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.
~ Carl Jung ~

My life really seems to be an accumulation of synchronicities. A friend of mine often tells me my life is like an unsolved mystery, which I am slowly unraveling. And it feels exactly like this for me. I’m always very curious what synchronicity signs will cross my path next 🙂 A small selection of the synchronicity signs I have experienced:

  • My first boyfriend and my husband share the same birthday.
  • On my late grandfather’s discovered I was pregnant. My due date: my dad’s birthday!
  • I’m born on Friday the 13th and my long-awaited desire to have children came true in the year I also had my birthday on Friday the 13th.
  • I receive amounts of money at exactly the right moments, that have very clear purposes.
  • My husband and I lived abroad for a while, where we befriended this amazing couple. In the days before we left, we tried to find a moment to say goodbye, but we didn’t manage to find a free spot in our agenda’s. So, we decided in app-conversation that there was not going to be a goodbye. One hour after this conversation we ran into them, in the middle of the city center of a very big city, when me and my husband were already heading back to our and on our way out of the city. They just got out of the bus and just arrived in the city They didn’t live close to the city centre, and they don’t come there very often either. But now ‘coincidentally’ they were there. We had a drink together and said our goodbye’s. 🙂
  • Before we were even thinking about moving abroad, images of this place popped up in my mind all the time.
  • When something special is taking place in my life, I oftentimes see the same numbers everywhere. Just before the birth of my saw the number 17 everywhere I looked. I still don’t know the exact meaning of it, but I think it was just a sign that everything was going to be okay.
  • For my job I was doing some product research for a client and the first product I sent him was a toy for babies I had never seen before. The day after my daughter was gifted the exact same toy.

Most of these examples are quite recent. They popped up in my mind now because most of them are still fresh in my memory, but the list of synchronicity signs is endless, really!

This is called synchronicity – a state in which you almost feel as if you are in a collaborative agreement with fate.
~ Wayne Dyer ~

Carl Jung came up with the definition ‘synchronicity’

Psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung also knew this phenomenon and named it synchronicity in 1930. He introduced the definition of the term when he determined that the principle of causality was insufficient to explain certain remarkable events. He frequently found remarkable parallels in the dreams, pathologies, and experiences of his patients. Jung believed that synchronicities mirror deep psychological processes, send messages and give our lives meaning and direction.

Synchronicity means simultaneity. When two or more events occur approximately around the same time in a way that they have a meaningful connection to the person who is experiencing it, without it being causal. You experience it as more than just a coincidence because the two events don’t have anything to do with each other. They are small wonders that point to the existence of a bigger one.

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why. – Albert Einstein

How do you recognize synchronicity signs?

We are often guided by our beliefs, religion, family, culture and other external factors. And we rather act on them instead of opening up to the signs of our Inner Source. Because a lot of our beliefs are actually blocking the signs. Maybe you receive sign after sign, but you’re so incredibly distracted, you can’t recognize them when they appear. But when you allow them into your life, you’ll find yourself on a magical path and you start to see the synchronicity signs everywhere. So, how can you start recognizing these signs?

Synchronicity sends you messages through your intuition and emotions. For example: you see someone who reminds you of someone else, you see an animal during a walk that has a special meaning to you. Or the same numbers or images keep appearing, you hear the same song every time you turn the radio on, you think about something that actually happens later, being at the right place at the right time, things from your dreams suddenly cross your path in reality, you hear people talking about a subject that is very important to you, matching birth dates of friends, partners and family… well, you get it, right?

Do you experience this too? Then my advice to you is to listen to them, give the signs attention because they can guide you to more. Because a path that is connected to synchronicity has the higher potential to help us move forward in life.

Don’t forget that there are also synchronicity signs in our challenges. Even challenges cross your path with a reason and they are part of the synchronicity. So be aware of the signs you receive when it comes to the difficult situations in life. It will help you to accept the situation as it is and they will help you to find your way out of them.

Open yourself up to synchronicity signs with these tips:

  • Meditate
  • A clear mind helps, make sure you’re not distracted by thoughts, worries and doubts
  • Ask a question about your life and look where your attention is drawn to later
  • Follow the signs you get, they will lead you to the next one
  • Try to remember the messages you receive in your dreams
  • Use oracle or tarot cards
  • Let the Universe know you are ready to receive the signs
  • Keep a synchronicity journal and write down every sign you received + write down what you think that might be the meaning of this sign. After a while you start to see patterns
  • Listen to your body
  • Trust
  • Use affirmations or prayers
  • And: don’t give up!

The Law of Attraction and Synchronicity

How is the Law of Attraction connected to synchronicity? If you apply the law of attraction to your life, you try to manifest that what you’re focussing on. When your manifestation becomes reality, this is synchronicity too. But synchronicity is mostly a good helper when you’re using the law of attraction. The signs remind you that your manifestation is on its way. When you apply the law of attraction your desire will not manifest itself immediately. There is some time in between. And during that time, those signs will come to you to tell you: Hang in there! You placed your order and your manifestation is on its way!

How did you experience synchronicity in your life? Let me know in the comments below!



3x Best books about the teachings of the Kabbalah


In a previous blog about the Law of Attraction I already mentioned once, that the teachings of the Kabbalah really helped me in my search for answers. Answers to life questions that I hadn’t been able to figure out for years. Questions I carried around with me as long as I can remember. A feeling that life must have more meaning than being just an accumulation of physical coincidences.

I see beauty in all religions, but at the same time religions oftentimes also left me with contradicting information that brought up more questions instead of answering them. Rules that didn’t make sense to me at all. A God that wants to punish his own creation when it doesn’t do what he (maybe) wants…

According to the teachings of the Kabbalah everyone is here for a reason

I believe we are all here for a good reason. In my opinion it’s impossible that if there would be a God, he would create to punish. And it’s impossible to me that God can be insulted by the things we humans do or say. God (or the Creator, the Light, the Universe, the Divine) can only be unconditional love and give love. I always felt that the Bible/Torah are holy books indeed, I just didn’t get the way they are mostly interpreted.

I always felt like we are here with a cause. Every human being, every living being. That everything is connected in some way and that reality might not be what it seems. When I discovered the teachings of the Kabbalah, I finally found the knowledge that teaches what I was already thinking. So, I was finally able to learn more about it and to connect the dots. It really makes sense to me!

What is Kabbalah and what is it not?

Kabbalah caught my attention years ago. The first book I read about it, didn’t give any clarity, just confusion (to make this easier for you I made a list with recommendations of the best Kabbalah books below this blog). So eventually I signed up for a course. Something that I used to be quite hesitant about, because.. money!? Spending money on a course like this, is mostly seen as spending money on a cult. So it took me some time to get over that and to just take the risk to see if it was going to be worth it.

At the end of this course many pieces of the puzzle fell into place and the money was well spent! It was really worth it. In the end money is just energy and we shouldn’t take money so seriously to begin with. But I wasn’t aware of that back then.. 😉

First of all I would like to make clear that Kabbalah is not a religion or a cult. It’s just knowledge. Nothing more, nothing less. I attended the course, I’ve been active in the community for a little while and later I put it on the back burner. And all of this was okay. Because, one of the philosophies of Kabbalah is that everything everyone does is okay. Because they believe that everyone is following their own path.

Some of the main points that make the teachings of the Kabbalah so interesting to me are:

  • Again, it is not a religion or a cult. It is the wisdom of life;
  • The Holy scriptures are interpreted symbolically, which makes much more sense to me compared to taking these texts literally;
  • Everything in life happens for a reason;
  • Reality is an illusion;
  • Accepting others and sharing with others are conditions to find happiness within yourself;
  • You control your own life;
  • There is no punishment, we just come across situations that we are able to learn from;
  • Negative situations are labeled as something bad, but it’s just how we choose to perceive them. What are you going to make of it yourself?;
  • Satan isn’t a creepy devil, it’s just the opponent within the self. It is that voice that’s trying to make you chose the easy, fast choice, instead of the more difficult, slow, confronting choice, that will give you long-term fulfillment. This opponent is necessary to help you move forward, instead of making your life miserable.

It’s all about perception.

For a long time I felt like a victim of life. I believed it was some kind of random gambling game in which one person happens to be lucky all the time and another person always seems to attract bad luck. Kabbalah gave me many new insights on this subject. Where an unpleasant situation used to be experienced as hell by me before, a hell that I needed to go through again, I can now look at the same situation as a new opportunity to grow and learn. To take one step higher again on the ladder of consciousness.

Yes, life can be hard sometimes. But what would life be without all the challenges that cross our paths? Who would you be if you had only experienced ‘positive’ experiences during your life?

The teachings of Kabbalah answer your questions and provides tools to handle life differently. It will be a process of self-reflection and you will learn to even appreciate your ‘enemies’ and see them as people who come to help you to learn more about yourself. It converts hate and anger into love and understanding. I am so incredibly grateful that I’ve found this knowledge and that I’m able to apply it to my life.

Protection against negative energy

I didn’t study Kabbalah for a while, but now during the last months of pregnancy, I felt attracted to it again. So, since the beginning of my pregnancy, I did wear the well-known red bracelet, though. For a lot of people this might be something commercial, but for me it really felt like it gave me some protection against bad vibes.

My teacher once explained to me that this bracelet can stick for a couple of days, weeks or even months. Depending on the amount of negative energy it needs to protect you from, you’ll lose it after a short or longer period of time. And every time, when I went through a tougher situation during pregnancy, I lost it a couple of days later. 🙂 This is my main reason now, to return to my Kabbalah studies again.

This blog is created to help others to move forward on their spiritual paths. And given the fact you are reading this blog, you might be interested in more information about this subject. That’s why I have some book suggestions for you that really helped me to understand the basics of Kabbalah. There are so many books on the market, but most of them are too complicated to start with. So to help you out, here some of the best books with the teachings of the Kabbalah that I think you should start with.

The best books with the teachings of the Kabbalah:

My recommendations are:

The Power of Kabbalah – Yehuda Berg:

This book explains the fundamentals of the teachings of the Kabbalah in a way that is very easy to read and understand.

Click here to buy The Power of Kabbalah

Kabbalah for Dummies – Arthur Kurzweil:

Click here to buy Kabbalah For Dummies

This book also talks about the history and background of Kabbalah. On the other hand it doesn’t explain so much about how to apply the fundamentals of Kabbalah to your own life. But nonetheless very interesting for the complete picture.

Satan – Yehuda Berg

This book is awesome! In a simple, casual and humorous way it explains who Satan (the opponent) exactly is. That it’s/he is nothing to be scared of, but rather something positive. An opponent that helps you to move forward in life and how to deal with this.

Click here to buy Satan – An Autobiography

And last but not least, the well-known red string bracelet. There are many different ones for sale on the internet. And they probably have the same meaning. But only for this particular one I’m sure that the string went to the tomb of Rachel, where it is given its power and energy to protect you. And maybe it’s just my superstition, but for me it seems to work!

Click here to buy the Kabbalah Red String

I hope this blog shed some light on this subject. Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love and light