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Another book that changed my life: “You can heal your life”, written by Louise Hay; the Queen of positive affirmations. Recommended by a colleague a few years ago. And I’m so thankful for that, because I use many of Louise’s affirmations on a daily basis. 

Louise Hay: The Queen of affirmations

Louise Hay was one of the founders of the self-help movement in the world. Was indeed, because unfortunately she is not with us anymore today. Or at least not physically, but through her legacy of knowledge she is still present on earth. In the 70’s, when this way of thinking was still very new, she already spoke about the connection between the body and the mind. First, she wrote the book: Heal your mind – a book I haven’t read just yet and which is high on my ‘to-read’-list – and later she wrote “You can heal your life”. A book that has been of so much value to me, it needs to have a seperate blog post I dedicate to it. So here we go!

You can heal your life

Louise Hay explains in “You can heal your life” how our thoughts and beliefs control our lives. She explains how self-love is the key towards healing. She believes you can create your own faith and that we are able to transform negatives situations into something positive, by working on your mindset. She believes diseases, mentally or physically, are connected to your state of mind. According to Louise many people are struggling with the belief they aren’t good enough and aren’t worthy of love, of having enough money and to live a carefree life. Most of us are raised with similar beliefs and we’re not even aware we’re constantly limiting ourselves and bring ourselves down with these beliefs. “I’m not worthy of..”, “Why is this always happening to me?”, “I can’t…”, “I’m not beautiful/slim/smart enough for…” etc. Louise Hay helps you to figure out where your negative thought patterns originated. Which will make you more conscious about the way you live your life and to change your outlook on life. This book teaches you to use deliberate positive thoughts, also known as affirmation. This will help you to feel happier with yourself and with your life. 

I learned so much from this book. It made me more conscious about my own negative beliefs and thought patterns. And when you’re more aware of your thoughts and beliefs, it’s easier to intervene and transform the thought to a positive one. There are many examples of affirmations in this book for several subjects that you can use for the rest of your life. Your healing lies within your own hands, or actually… mind. This book thought me I’m not the victim of my own story. And that being a victim oftentimes is also a choice. This book helped me a lot on my way to a more positive and happier life. By focussing on affirmations daily, my mindset is going into the right direction a bit more day by day. 

You can never lose anything by thinking positive, at most you will win something. So, this book is really worthwhile reading if you’d like to give a positive turn to your life.  Of course, your life won’t be without problems after reading the book, but you learn to change the way you look at them. And overtime, you’ll see that a lot of problems that seem big today, will seem much smaller after some practice. We’ve been taught happiness is the absence of problems. Which means our search for happiness will always end in disappointment again. The key lies not within finding a life without struggles, but in finding a life where you are able to handle life’s struggles in a more positive way. And that’s what Louise taught me. 

Hopefully you enjoyed my review and if I inspired you to read the book, this is where you can buy it: 



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