Now more than ever it is important to check in with ourselves. Quarantine has left many of us feeling isolated, unproductive, disconnected, anxious, or even depressed. We must make self-care a priority. Working to stay mentally healthy can benefit us greatly, not only during this time of crisis, but also throughout our lives. Practicing good mental health can help us deal with stress and become more resilient individuals.

There are many ways to practice self-care. We can eat healthy, exercise, meditate, and get enough sleep. We can also work on taking action against negative thinking patterns. Positive, optimistic thinking can lead to improved physical and mental health. A positive outlook can enable individuals to cope better with stressful situations, which ultimately reduces the mental and physical toll of stress on the body.

Another way to improve mental health is by practicing self-discovery. Through self-reflection we can develop emotional intelligence, remind ourselves of our strengths, make better decisions, improve communication, and strengthen our integrity. Asking yourself specific questions can help you understand where you are at, set goals, and find solutions to problems.

Depending on what you are looking to address, there are specific questions you can ask yourself. The questions can help you find clarification and ultimately grow. 

Questions like these help you learn more about your relationship with yourself:

  1. What is something that brings me joy?
  2. What matters to me most right now?
  3. How important is mental health to me
  4. What is something I find inspiring?
  5. Did I make time for myself this week?

Questions like following can help you learn more about your relationship with your family: 

  1. Whom do I go to when I need advice?
  2. What makes me happiest about my family?
  3. Do I listen to my family more than myself?
  4. Which family member do I admire most?
  5. What am I thankful for about my family?

Download these printable personal and family self-discovery questions to start practicing self-discovery. 

Julia Morrissey is a content creator for University of St. Augustine Health Sciences.